Saturday, July 22, 2017


Ryan and I have been talking a lot about how much we wish we had a pool.  Maybe some day it will happen for us.  In the meantime we swim at Grammie and Grandpa's pool.

The boys took a tumbling class.  It was 4 short weeks, but they loved going.  Mostly because of the tumbling but partly because the rec center had an awesome playground and a tree they loved to climb.

Uncle Stephen took them on a hike one saturday morning.  They had soooo much fun walking the trail and splashing in the creek.  Uncle Stephen is one brave dude and a super fun uncle.

Donuts at church on Sunday morning are so tasty.  The boys stand in line with their money and can hardly wait to pick out the chocolate glaze (especially on the mornings their mom dresses them in a WHITE shirt!)

My Aunt and Uncle and Cousins stopped by on their way home from a vacation trip.  My boys LOVE Morgan and Chandler.

The fourth of July was spent with family, but we missed Ryan who had to work the holiday this year.

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