Monday, July 31, 2017


All of our family left the reunion on a monday but we stayed for two more days.  We ventured out to the beach and had some family fun times at the arcades in Ventura and playing at a park by the beach. 

Back at the campground I enjoyed a glorious nap poolside next to cruz.  Great view and great nap!

Right after we got back from camping it was party mode.  We had a couple days to get the house ready to have a bunch of family and friends over to celebrate Jake turning 5!

He wanted a policeman birthday party.  And since his birthday is smack dab in the middle of the hottest time of year, we got a huge blow up water slide.  A big hit! and our grass is still recovering from all of that water!

One of the main things Jacob wanted for his birthday was a set of REAL handcuffs with REAL keys. (You better believe I hid one key in a safe place just in case we get into a bit of a situation.)

I LOVE how the cake turned out. Jacob was so excited there was a set of handcuffs on the cake too.  And we had donuts there for all the kids.

Jacob had a great time with friends.  And I had fun having an excuse to invite my friends over too.

We should remember to take family pictures BEFORE the party instead of after the guests all leave since we look like such a hot mess....but at least we took a family picture, so there's that.

Jacob got a bunch of lego sets for his birthday.  And he spent his birthday gift cards on a big police station lego set.  He is definitely into legos (Something Vincent and Landen were never into at this age) and Jacob is pretty good at following the directions and figuring out where the pieces go. And now I have lego pieces EVERYWHERE in my house!

On his actual birthday we went to Me-N-Eds for dinner.  Jacob's favorite thing about that place is the slime from the vending machine.

We are on the home stretch of summer.  School Starts THURSDAY!!! and Jacob is going to be in kindergarten.  How can that be?  I snapped a few pictures of him to capture his cute five year old face.

Our last couple of weeks have included dinosaur camp at church, a trip to the trampoline place, a trip to the zoo, special treats, and tomorrow we are going to the movies. 

School starts in two days and I'm 80 percent excited to get back into a routine but 20 percent sad our lazy mornings are coming to an end.  I'm all caught up on blog posts and pictures!  We had a fun summer!!  Life is just flying by and I'm just trying to keep up :)

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