Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dad's Tenting trip and VBS

Right after we got back from our beach trip, Ryan packed up the tenting stuff and took the kids to Hume lake.  There were several dads going with their kids. (no moms allowed)

Poor Ryan was exhausted before they even left and then he had to set up camp and keep track of 4 kids and feed them and keep them alive. He was beat.

 Ryan is a great dad! He said he had so much fun with the kiddos and he even took a bunch of pictures because he knew his wife would love that. :)  The kids came home filthy dirty and super exhausted.  Some great memories were made with their dad.  And I enjoyed a quiet weekend at home.  Spend the night with friends and had some good girl time.

This summer we also got a trip in to the water park

We got in a trip to the movies with Jacob's school friend Ava

The last week of June we went to Maker Fun Factory VBS.
I was one of the photographers along with my friend Julie.  We had so much fun going around and capturing all the happy kiddos faces.

Every kid gets called up on stage at some point during the week to do hand motions during praise time.  The boys were so excited excited to go up.  And then when they did get called up there. They just froze and didn't do any hand motions.  It was hilarious.  They were excited to be up there, you just couldn't tell.

The boys had so much fun with friends.  And Jacob and Cruz enjoyed the preschool classes.

I hope it works out for me to be photographer again next year.  It was such a fun week and we still listen to VBS songs every day.

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