Sunday, July 30, 2017

Camp GiGi

A little over a year ago my Grandma came up with an idea of having all of her kids, grandkids and great grandkids together for a camping weekend.

It took some planning, but we were (almost) all able to get together at the KOA campground in Ventura/Santa Paula. 

Our family loves playing games (and might be a slight bit competitive).  So we of course had organized game time.  We were split into three groups and played fun things like a marshmallow tower building race, a trivia game, a version of rock-paper-scissors game and that game where you wear the mouth peice that prevents you from being able ot talk. Here was the break down of the teams:

Grey Team

Orange Team


The cousins LOVED playing together.  We went swimming, played baseball, explored the river, chased peacocks, and stayed up late4.

What are they talking about???

And the 3 year olds napped together

We had such a great time at Camp GiGi.  I hope we can do it again.

Even though her son and a couple grandsons couldn't be there, GiGi had all of her great grand children there.  All of the heart eyes for this picture!

Kyston (10), Trevor & Austin (10), Vincent & Landen (6), Lexi (5), Jacob (4), Chloe (3), Cruz (3) and Evelyn (8 mo.)

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