Monday, July 17, 2017

A preschool graduate, school year complete

Jacob graduated from Pre-K and he's ready for Kindergarten! He had been going to preschool 3 days a week.  He had the same teacher as Vincent and Landen did for preschool.  We love Miss Kayla.

Jacob did well academically.  He liked doing homework at the beginning of the year but towards the end he wasn't so enthusiastic about it. (it was like 3 papers of tracing letters, or coloring and drawing. And he would have all week do finish them.  So not hard at all.  He better brace himself for more homework in kindergarten!)

Emotionally he struggled a bit.  Always crying about the littlest things.  But he got better at holding back the tears as the school year went on.  He did make some fun friends.  He talked about one girl in particular, Ava.  I just found out she might not be going to kindergarten at the same school so we are bummed about that.  They are like two peas in a pod.

We loved watching him in his graduation ceremony.  They sang the song "get up again" from the movie Trolls.  One of Jacob's favorite movies right now.

Vincent and Landen had a busy last month of Kindergarten.  They did an Olympic day with all sorts of athletic events.

Then they had a Bike day.  They got to bring their bike to school and ride them around the basket ball court and walking trail.  There were a ton of bikes! (Vincent and Landen chose to bring their older smaller bikes because their new bigger bikes have the training wheels on them still. Their little bikes looked so small out there!)

They had awards in their classes.  And their teachers said such sweet, encouraging things about them.  Vincent's award was "Fun and Flexible: you go with the flow and know when to have fun". Landen's award was "Super Storyteller".  Both awards capture their personalities perfectly.  Can't believe they are ready for first grade!

The last day of school...

Now on to summer!

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