Monday, May 29, 2017


Baseball, Birthday, Easter and AWANAS.  Super fast event recap:......

The 3 older boys finished another season of baseball.

Jacob LOVED going to practices and wearing his uniform.  He would wear his uniform every day if I let him.

Vincent and Landen....what can I say, they were the youngest on the team.  They were not enthusiastic about playing at all.  But they did show some improvement throughout the season, so there's that.  They both liked playing catcher.

 Landen always had to slide into home.


For the end of the season party, their team got to go out on the field at the Rawhide game.  They got their shirt signed by a few players and stood out at second base during the national anthem.

CRUZ turns 3!!

He graduated out of the speech program.  This is him with his speech teacher.  She came to the house every Thursday morning.

Cruz chose a Disney Cars themed birthday because Mater is his favorite.

and he got to have a pinata at his birthday! Something all of the boys LOVED.

He is my little goofball.  Loves to make silly faces and says the funniest things.

He is such a sweetheart.  I love his big hug squeezes and sweet kisses.

I have 3 pictures from Easter. And I think they are all adorable.  I love my family.

We ended another year of AWANA.  I help in the sparks age group.  Vincent and Landen were in that group this year for the first time.  I loved being in the room to see the participate. 

Vincent on stage singing praise songs
 Landen had an awesome leader.  She was so sweet and patient with him.

and she was awesome and took pictures of the kids.  Landen adored her.

Landen was a little excited on awards night (Vincent hiding behind him)

For both years in Cubbies, Jacob had teacher Karen.  She was fabulous! Jacob will be a spark next year.

The boys and Grandpa made derby cars for the AWANA Grand Prix.  Their cars weren't fast but they had fun making them.  Red Yoshi and Yellow Yoshi.

 We only have two more days left of school and then it's summer!!! We have so many fun things planned for the next 8 weeks.  Can't wait to take pictures and make memories.