Saturday, April 8, 2017

The tale of the lost Lovey

I really want to write about Disneyland while the memories are fresh in my head but first I need to post birthday pictures.

These boys turned 6 this year.  S I X!! I love age six.  They say the funniest things and come up with the cutest questions as they learn how this world works.

They are as opposite as opposite can be and at the same time, they are the best of friends.

Landen has become quite the reader.  He is excelling in school and loves to sound out new words.  He still holds his place in the family as the crazy child.  He is constantly hurting himself, it's a miracle we haven't had any stitches or broken bones in our family yet. *KNOCK ON WOOD*

Vincent doesn't really share Landen's enthusiasm for reading.  But he loves to color and draw.  He has become quite stubborn and likes to "grrrrrr" with frustration if he doesn't like his mother telling him NO.  He is very particular with his hair, he knows exactly how he wants it styled.  

The two of them sure know how to make each other giggle.

We did several little things to make them feel special for their birthday.

I took them to donuts for breakfast before school.

 and I brought chocolate covered oreos for a birthday treat to each of their classrooms. I loved watching them get a little embarrassed as their classmates sang them happy birthday.

And then we bought Karissa some flowers at the supermarket and brought them to her grave.  That has become a yearly tradition, and I think the boys are starting to love this part of their birthday.

The weekend after their birthday we had family parties consisting of dinner out, presents, cake.......

New Pajamas AND new bikes!
 and ice cream with cousin Ethan....

A very traumatic thing happened in the month of March.  Vincent lost his lovey.  The boys received the lovey's from my Aunt when they were babies, before Landen was even out of the NICU.  They have been well loved, sewed back together a few times and washed a thousand times.  Vincent would often ask for me to take a picture of him and his bear like I did for this picture.......

One morning Vincent was crying and saying he couldn't find bear.  A couple days passed and I'm thinking this bear has to be somewhere.  So I start looking harder for the bear.  I went through all the toys bins, all of the laundry, looked behind and under furniture.  After about a week, I pretty much gave up.  It was so hard listening to Vincent cry himself to sleep and pout every morning before school saying he missed bear.  After school he would come home and draw pictures of bear.

and then he would hug these drawings and cry. "I miss bear"

He wanted to make "missing bear" flyers and put them up in the neighborhood.  I told him we would hang them up once Ryan got home from work.  Ryan did an extra long shift that week, he was gone for 7 days.  And when he walked in the house, Vincent went straight to me instead of going to hug Ryan. "Can we put up my flyers now mom!?"  He was so excited and convinced that these flyers would bring bear back and my heart broke a little more, thinking in my mind this poor boy has hope in these flyers but they aren't going to bring bear back.  But I went out with Vincent and hung them anyway. (this was a Thursday)

Saturday, I drive up to the house after being at work all day and Vincent comes running towards me with his lovey!!! He had left it in the neighbor girls garage.  Her dad saw the flyer we posted at the park and recognized the bear as being the one in his garage.  So they returned it to Vincent.  Turned out those flyers really DID help bring lovey back.  I was so happy for Vincent. What a long and emotional 11 days without bear.  We are so happy he is home.

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