Saturday, April 15, 2017

The "happiest" place on earth

We have been planning this Disney trip for what seems like a year now.  We would like to take the kids every few years and it has been 3 years since we took Vincent and Landen.  We took advantage of the southern California 3 day deal but unfortunately, we picked a horrible week to go.  I have never seen so many people in my life!

Monday, we had reservations at 8:20 to have breakfast with Minnie and friends in the park.  Park gates opened at 8:00.  When we walked up, the lines to have your bags searched were sooooo long.  We didn't even get into the park until 8:40.  I was like "ya boys! we are in Disneyland but don't stop and look at anything we need to book it straight to breakfast.  ya ya, there's the castle, lets go." Luckily they still honored our breakfast reservations.

and breakfast was a blast!

Vincent tells me "mom, those aren't really the characters, that's just people dressed up in costumes"

Ryan about fainted when he paid the bill for the breakfast, but it was worth the $$$.  I especially loved watching Cruz light up when he saw Minnie.  Pooh and his friends were there as well as a few other characters.  Cinderella's Godmother even memorized the boys' names and ages and every time she came by our table she would call them by name.

The weather was perfect.  The lines were super long and the amount of time it took to get from A to B was rediculous.  Maneuvering around so many people and trying to keep track of the kids was insane.  Dressing them in the same shirts definatley helped.  Plus they looked so cute. 1,2,3,4.

And even with the crazy amount of people there, we managed to run into one of my best friends who was there with her family celebrating her birthday. We were able to hang out with them for a little bit.

I had made the mistake of saying Mickey would be at breakfast, so when he didn't show up, we told the boys we would have to go visit him at his house.  Sure enough, Mickey was home and wearing his red robe costume.

They drove Mickey's car...

We lost Cruz once, briefly, while in line for It's a small world.  The line turned and he went straight.  It was pretty easy for people to see who he belonged to since we were all wearing the same type of shirt.  He stayed pretty close by us after that.

Fake smile McGee

We had a full day and we were getting tired so we hopped on Dumbo for one last ride and then decided to head home.  It was 8:45 and people were all lined up for the firework show so we thought it would be the best time to leave.  NOPE.  We were wrong.  It took us an ENTIRE hour to walk from the Dumbo ride (which is near the back of the park) to the front entrance. AN HOUR!

The crowd of people was moving at turtle speed.  It was miserable and it had to have violated some sort of fire code.  If there was an emergency evacuation at any point, people would have died from being trampled on.  Cruz was such a trooper, he walked the entire way back to the car.  By the time we got to my Grandma's house where we were staying, we were all just done, day 1 complete.

Tuesday, day 2. was spent in California Adventure. Let me just tell you how busy this park was.  Gates opened at 9:00. We got to the park around 9:45 and went straight to get a fast pass for the Radiator Springs Racers ride.  Our return time for the ride was 6:30 PM!  We walked by the fast pass station about an hour later and they were no longer handing out fast passes for that ride.  Insane! Within two hours of the park opening, they maxed out passes to that ride.

We had a pretty good day in CA adventure.  It was much HOTTER than the day before.  But with the help of fast passes we didn't have to wait too long for rides.  Except Ryan and the boys waited for the Grizzly water ride for almost an hour and a half while I enjoyed a frozen lemonade and pushed Cruz around in the stroller while he napped.  When he woke up we watched the river waiting for the boys to ride on by.

The top two requests the boys had were to ride the carousel and the ferris wheel.  Done and done.  We got the ferris wheel cage that swings.  Okay, how do they not have seat belts in that thing? They have a barf bag for motion sickness but not seat belts!

Cars Land was so fun.  This picture cracks me up.  This girl could clearly tell we were lining up to take a family photo.  And instead of moving over, she just turns her body.  It's a horrible picture of the boys anyway, but still, way to ruin a family photo, chica.

Mater was the one character Cruz really wanted to see!

This poor boy had to sit out of a lot of rides.  He did great though!  This was him waiting while we went on the cars ride that we waited all day to go on.  Next time we come to Disneyland, he will be tall enough for the "big kid" rides.

Before we left the park that night we had to make sure we got to meet Anna and Elsa.  They all clammed up! I couldn't believe it.  Too shy to even tell the girls what their names were.  It was so cute to watch them be bashful.

Wednesday, Day 3.  Back to Disneyland.  It was still very busy but not as insane as Monday.  We repeated some rides from day one but we also got in some new ones like Star wars and Space Mountain.  I was surprised Jacob loved that one!

We did autotopia again and went up in the tree house again.

It was so hot. We had to take several breaks. (thank goodness they let you bring in your own food, we would for sure be broke otherwise)

I think the only character we took a picture with that last day was Woody.

Cruz and I camped out early to get a good spot for the electrical parade. (two and a half hours early) I was done with the crowds, so I didn't mind sitting. Ryan took the older boys on a couple of rides and then he came back to sit with us.  We had awesome seats and it was a nice parade.  The boys got to see a lot of characaters they hadn't seen yet and vincent loved seeing tinkerbell and all of her friends in the parade.  We stayed for the awesome firework show.  Julie Andrews is the commentator for the show and at the end she says "remember, dreams really do come true"  and then Vincent says: Dreams come true?! But what about that bad ones! Ryan and I laughed.  Kids say the funniest things.

every night, 50% of our offspring would crash out in the stroller.  It was a different two each night.  They have really learned well how to take turns. (totally joking, it was by random chance who happened to be in the stroller when we called it a day)

What I did not mention, and what kept this trip from being an awesome trip was that we started it off with a sick kid and maintained a sick kid/kids throughout the trip.  The fever started with Jacob, then Cruz (who threw up on me in bed the last day) and then Vincent.  They all developed a cough while we were there.  We also dealt with bed wetting at night (combination of being in a different bed/house and being super tired) and we even dealt with POOP in the underwear at night.  I was NOT happy with that, especially since it wasn't even my youngest who did it!)  Even though it was a packed three days, there were more people there than should be legally allowed, and we dealt with sick kids, we have a ton of happy memories to last.  however, I think it will take a while before my kids will want to go back again.


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