Sunday, March 19, 2017

Superbowl at the station

We got a new DVD player installed in our van.  The kids were so excited.  And Jacob says to Vincent and Landen "wow, our van is so cool, huh guys? our van is so cool!"  Just had to get that on record, because I'm thinking a few years down the road, he won't think his mom's van is so cool.

Cruz didn't last the whole movie, because mom planned the trip during naptime.  Strategic move on her part wink wink.

I must admit the DVD player with headphones made for a peaceful trip out to Ryan's new station.  He was moved to a different station just before the holidays, so I took the boys to check it out and hang out with him during the super bowl.  

A fire engine, is a fire engine to these kids.  It's always exciting.  And they all want to get a turn sitting in the front seat, and turning on the sirens.

I forget which kid took this picture. But they did a pretty good job.  Me and my firefighter.

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