Sunday, March 19, 2017

February Camping

 Last year in February, we went camping at a KOA campground near Monterey and visited the aquarium and had such a great time. So this year we decided to go back to that same campground, but this time travel into Santa Cruz for a day.   We took the boys bowling for the first time.  

As we were driving into the city of Santa Cruz, my now rookie readers could read signs and they said look Santa....Cruz! Cruz, when we get there you're going to turn into Santa!! and then of course Cruz let out a shrill of excitement.  So maybe bowling was a little bit of a let down for him! haha.

We had some fierce competition going :) Well Ryan and I did.  It helped that I got a strike on my first ball.  But then it was all down hill from there for me.  I came in second :( The kids loved it!

I love this picture....Their silly faces make me smile.

Our final scores went right along with birth order, youngest to oldest.

All of the other days were spent in the campground.  We spent hours jumping on the "pillow", playing in the sand, and playing on the playground.

Jacob and the slide collided on our first full day in camp.  I freaked out. Ryan, the calm firefighter, said he would be fine.  He insisted that Jacob did not need stitches.  I of course asked him every 5 minutes...are you sure he doesn't need to see a doctor?!  I think after I asked for the 5th time he told me to take him in, give me some peace of mind.  The doctor on duty at the urgent care says no stitches, Ryan says "I told you so".  Whatever, at least I know I did the most I could do.  It is healing nicely.  Just a pink line now.

Day of accident

3 weeks later
We were camping over Valentines day.  So we had a special movie night, with valentines cookies and popcorn. Best way we could think of spending valentines day. (all of the other days we had s'mores for dessert of course)

We have quite a few more camping trips planned this year.  I think for the next one, we are headed to the beach.

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