Saturday, February 18, 2017

Holiday Memories

I'm struggling to stay up with all of my pictures.  I so desperately need to write things down while they are fresh.  So I guess trying to remember events from two months ago is better than 2 years down the road and trying to remember what happened.  Better late than never! Our Christmas was fabulous in that is wasn't super busy.  We were able to enjoy our time with family and extended family, and even enjoy a little bit of time off work. 

 I guess an easy way to keep up with life is to not take very many pictures.  Between taking care of 4 munchins (especially at other people's houses) it is hard to even think about getting out my camera.  Sadly most of my pictures are from my phone and I just don't think the quality is that great.  I guess something is better than nothing.

We took our annual trip to Southern Cali. 

Celebrated with my mom's side at GiGi's house.  She made the kids hot chocolate.

 And GiGi took a picture with her great grand children (Just missing my brother's kids from Wyoming and Evie who must have been inside napping)
 This summer we will have ALL of the kids together! We are soooo excited.

We also got together with my Dad's side of the family.  Everyone was there! (except for my Brother's family.  Jess if you're reading should move back to California now ;) Just kidding, not sure California is the place to be at the moment, but it would sure be nice to have you all in these pictures)

 This is such a great picture of my Dad, his brother and his two sisters.

I love our family traditions we have with just our "little" family of 6 on Christmas eve (most years).
The boys put the star on their nativity picture, and they said goodbye to their elf on the shelf Josie (Landen wrote her some notes labeled "four Jose") and of course matching pajamas and popcorn during gift opening.  I found these awesome fire engine jammies.  They are so cute!

They got some fun Usborne books.

Cruz got Zootopia toys (it's currently his favorite movie.  That and the movie Home)

Vincent is still loving everything Mario. (and he loves all the princesses, especially Rosalina)

Let me just talk about these blind bags the boys go in their stocking.  Who is the crazy person came up with that idea?! Buy something you can't actually see?!?! I think it's rediciouls but guess who bought 4? that's right, this mom right here. How in the world are you supposed to "collect them all" when you can't even see what characater you are actually buying?!  We got one princess peach, two marios and a waluigi (who Landen already lost at school....big eyes rollings, I'm so not surprised)

I didn't have a picture of Landen with his big gift, we got him a remote control helicopter which turned out to be a major dissapointment, we returned it and he still hasn't used his money for something else yet. If he could, I'm sure he'd buy every stuffed animal he lays his eyes on.

Jacob is loving these Peppa pig toys.  He got the camper trailer from us and he ended up also getting the bus and house and train.  It's kind of a toy for Cruz too because they love playing Peppa pig together.
 I didn't take a single picture at my parent's house or my in-law's house.  Major fail this year.  The boy's aunts on Ryan's side got them Target gift cards.  That is like a huge deal, they know they get to use their "credit card" to buy toys.  The week following Christmas we took a trip to Target and the boys got to pick out what they wanted.  Landen is the only one who still hasn't spent all his money.

We have been enjoying all of the gifts were received this Christmas.  We feel very blessed for our time spent with family and the ability to spoil our children.  The soft Raider football Cruz got for Chrsitmas has been a blast (and is pretty much the only approved ball for indoor play).

Vincent used his drawing board he got for Chirstmas to draw his lovie (who he is still very much in love with.  That lovie has endured almost 6 years of kisses and hugs)

My new years resolution (made almost two months late) is to be better at keeping up with this blog so I can easily jot down our memories without struggling to recall the details.  This mom brain is seriously fried.

On to our snow trip.....

Friday, February 3, 2017

One Last Camping Trip

When we bought our trailer we made a goal of taking it out a MINIMUM of three times a year.  We felt like we needed to squeeze one more trip in before the end of 2016 so we took a long weekend trip up to three rivers. (this was back in November)

Super Hero Poses

I love the quiet little campground because the boys can roam around with a little bit of freedom.  We went hiking down the river, throwing rocks in to make big splashes and watching out for snakes! (we never saw one but the boys had their eyes peeled)

Cruz loves driving his car around.  And we played with a big beach ball which got stuck in a tree. So Ryan tossed a tennis ball up to knock the beach ball down, only the tennis ball got stuck instead.  Then he threw another tennis ball up, same thing, it got stuck.  I think at one point he had 5 balls stuck up in the tree.  He eventually got them all down but it provided some entertainment for a good chunk of the afternoon.

We took a day trip and drove further up the mountain quite a ways to see the giant sequoias.  It's a bit of a hike down to the big General Sherman tree.  The boys had no problem making it down, but they all whined and complained on our way back up.  It's tooooo far! I'm sooo tired!!! Mom, please carry me!

We stopped to eat our packed lunch.  Ryan of course convinced the boys that there were bears nearby.  And he would throw rocks in the bushes and tell the boys something was in the bush making it move. They thought it was funny.

My twin boys took a selfie standing by the "twin sequoias"

Landen and Vincent's poses were on point this trip.  Always a crazy face, a hand on the hip or some sort of silly smile.

Cruz and Jacob were on the look out for pine cones

Every night we made smores and then Ryan had a brilliant idea of busting out some glow sticks! It was awesome, because even though it was super dark out I could see exactly where the kids were.  I just had to make sure I saw 4 lights roaming around.

Now you see the kids

Now you don't!

I think we are going to keep a stash of glow sticks in the trailer from now on.

Watching a movie before bed in our cozy warm trailer.

We sure enjoyed our trailer for the first full year of camping fun.  The kids love it.  It is slowly becoming our home away from home.  We will be heading out on another camping trip here in a couple weeks.  And in the words of our 2 year old Cruz..."Can't wait!"