Monday, January 16, 2017

Real School

We have finished the first half of "Real School". Kindergarten. 5 days a week.  And everyday they ask me if they are going to school that day.  Sometimes a Yes is welcomed and sometimes it is met with a groan.  Overall they are loving kindergarten.  We do family projects every month and even though Vincent and Landen are in different classes they have the same monthly project.  These string pumpkins were for the October project.

I came and talked to Landens class about how we made the pumpkins.  They all liked the idea and Landen LOVED that I "was his teacher" (for all of 5 minutes)

The projects are right up my alley.  I love being creative.  For Novembers project we had to disguise a turkey, so that he wouldn't be served up for Thanksgiving dinner.  We disguised him in a pot of gold and his tail feathers were the rainbow.

They painted the clouds and turkey feet and then crumpled up tissue paper for the rianbow.  We glued rolos on for the gold pieces.

Life is busier in some ways, having them in school every day, but in other ways it frees up some of my time to get errands and chores done.  We've settled into a nice weekly routine.  It sure was a busy fall though.

Vincent learned that hard work pays off.  Earning him some Target money.  He had a goal to buy a Toad plush toy.  He had to do 10 big chores to earn him $5.  He asked me every day what chores I had for him to do.  Sometimes I didn't have any and he just had to patiently wait until there was work for him to do.  Amazing how hard of a worker he can be.

This fall we elected a new president.  With all the drama and hate that comes with this new presidency, I see it as a huge teaching moment with my kids.  I'm anxious to see what the next 4 years hold for us.  No matter what, we need to live our life for Jesus.  Change begins with us.  Show some kindness and grace and show some love.

These are my proud American boys!

my proud silly American boys!

My sweet niece was born in November.  Evelyn Elizabeth Elliott.

The boys LOVE her!

Jacob wants her to come live with us

 Landen didn't quite understand how she could be born on November 5th, when the whole time my sister said her due date was November 16th.  How come she is here early?!  He will understand that whole pregnancy thing one day when he's older. Like way older, I hope.

One day we were driving past my sister's house and Jacob asked what Evie was doing.  And I said "probably sleeping" and then Vincent chimed in and said "Sleep all day, Up all night!"  I was busting up! Where do 5 year olds come up with this stuff?

I feel blessed to have the work schedule I do.  It allows me to help out at the boys' school and I can be there for class parties and activities.

I joined them for their Thanksgiving feast.  Vincent chose to be a pilgrim and Landen chose to be an Indian.

I also helped them make their gingerbread houses in December.  What a crazy morning that was!! All of that SUGAR!!!

Vincent and Landen also had a Christmas performance.  Luckily they were on opposite sides of the stage and we didn't have a repeat of that one time when they were three, licking each others faces on stage at church during kids choir!

They are both doing so well in school.  Landen is excelling in reading and writing.  Vincent is excelling in math (and art).  And I am loving all of the moms I get to hang out with and chat with daily at pick up time.  These ladies support each other, pray for each other, vent to each other.  I'm grateful our kids all go to the same school.  They are my lifesavers.  And I tell them that pretty much every week. You all know who you are!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Best Buds

This school year has provided me some sweet time with just Jacob and Cruz.  On my days off during the week, we drop Vincent and Landen off at school and then it's just the four of us for the day.  Sometimes we run errands, (which is soooo much easier with two kids rather than 4!), sometimes we go to the gym, or MOPS, or the children's museum.  Jacob is so sweet to Cruz and talks to him in such a gentle voice (most of the time).  I know they enjoy the time with me without having the older two around.

At a MOPS playdate
Cruz is two and a half and fully potty trained! He did it on his own and quite frankly I'm in disbelief that I have a two year old out of pull ups at night.  All of my other kids were in pull ups at least until they were 4.  Jacob is still currently wearing one, and Vincent just stopped over the summer (5 1/2 yrs old)
Preschool-2 year old class
Cruz is still working on his words.  He has speech once a week.  It is frustrating not being able to understand what he is trying to say sometimes.  But some of the words he does say, sound so cute!
When he's done eating he says "mom, esss-coooos?" (mom, excused?)
or he will say "I'm dumb" (I'm done)
or if he's in the bathroom he'll say "I poot" (I pooped)
"poot" can sometimes mean food also.  You never know with that kid.
He says his name so cute, I ask him pretty much every day what his name is just so I can hear him say it.  Coos, according to him his name is Coos. Of course, Vincent is Bin-cent, Landen is Nanden, and Jacob is Jay-jub. 

Cruz loves going to school 3 days a week and he adores Miss Kalie.  He knows most of his colors and how to count to ten.

Making Stone Soup

I love Miss Kalie too! She texts me pictures of Cruz and what he is up to at school.  I love this picture of him at school taking a nap with his booty up!

He loves watching Peppa Pig, playing with wooden trains, play food and making me peanut butter "samchiss", and he likes playing dress up.  His favorite is the police officer but he rarely gets to be the police because Jacob hogs the outfit.  He just got a firefighter one for Christmas so now it works out for them both to be men in uniform.

They are my two sidekicks at the grocery store.  We do one major trip every other week.  And one small trip in between for bread/fruit/veggies/milk.  We go through about 3 gallons of milk every two weeks.  I'm sure that number will go up here in the near future.

I only got one picture of my two peas in a pod at their Preschool Christmas performance.  Cruz knows how to sing "ho ho ho who go, ho ho ho who go".  He is still singing it even a month after the performance.

 Cruz tries to crawl in bed with me most mornings that Ryan is gone.  His little body always wakes up around 5 and he thinks that's a good time to come and sleep with me. Sometimes he sneaks in without me even knowing it.  And sometimes I just let him come snuggle with me because he's my baby.  It's pretty darn hard to say No to his cute little face.

Miss Penny's garden
And just for proof and time reference (because I go back and read my blog so I can remember things)  this is a picture of Cruz at his first dentist appointment back in October.  He rocked it! Didn't cry once or shy away.  All of my boys have been great at the dentist.  I hope it stays that way.

 The other half of the Best Buds duo is this handsome guy, Jacob.

Preschool Picture 4 yrs old

He also loves school!  He has a little crush on a girl named Ava.  He loves doing his homework (but still doesn't know how to hold his pencil correctly) And he loves bringing toys to share during show n tell.

He cries almost every week when Ryan leaves for work because he's going to be "so so sad".  And he counts down the days until Daddy is home again.  3 days is a really long time for a four year old!

He is already planning his birthday party out, even though it's not for another 6 months.

He too LOVES peppa pig and got a lot of peppa pig toys for Christmas and would spend his entire piggy bank on more if we let him.  He loves writing "tickets" when he is the police officer.  And he loves helping me in the kitchen.

I'm going to miss him next year when he goes to kindergarten 5 days a week!