Monday, December 26, 2016


Finally getting around to getting soccer pictures posted.  We had a year of huge improvements from last year to this year with Vincent and Landen.  And Jacob had his first year (which consisted of some crying, twirling and walking in circles on the field)

Half of Jacob's team wanted to be sharks and the other half wanted to be sting rays, so they combined the two and were called the sharkrays.

Jacob cried during the entire first practice because he wanted to be playing on the play ground with his brothers, rather than practicing soccer.

I don't think he ever really enjoyed soccer, but his attitude towards practice improved throughout the season.

Like every first year of any sport, it was a learning experience.

And of course we had our biggest fan at every game.  Mr. Cruzie boy.

I think Jacob's favorite part was getting a trophy.

I'm confident that next year will be a better year for him in soccer.  If he accomplised anything, it was that he was the cutest soccer player on the field (biased mommy opinion here :) )

Vincent and Landen's team was the Incredible Hulks.

They had an awesome coach.  After the first practice, I called Ryan and told him that their coach was strict and knew what he was doing.  Two very good things to have in a coach.

The boys learned so much this year! And even scored some goals.  Landen scored three in one game!  Once they got the first goal in, and had a taste of what it felt like to get it in the net, they took off.

 After the season ended, coach Brandon and his wife threw a fun pizza party for the boys and even had little foam stickers and frames for the boys to put their pictures in.  I thought that was a fun way to remember the season.

Such a fun season for my Incredible Hulks!

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