Tuesday, September 13, 2016

School Dayz

We are well over a month into this school year and the kids are saying some memorable things, I just have to jot them down here so I can read this blog when I'm an empty nester and remember the start of their school careers.  

Vincent has Mrs. Price.  She's a young newlywed and Vincent adores her.  He loves school! He is so independent.  And he will be the first one to correct you if you say he is 5 years old because, in fact, he is five AND A HALF.  

He loves doing homework.  And he has monthly family projects that he loves doing.  Arts and crafts are right up his alley.  Especially drawing.  Reading is the toughest for him right now, but I'm sure he will catch on eventually.

The door sign still has Mrs. Price's maiden name, Miss Boles.

Vincent told me the other day that he was so excited to go to school because he couldn't wait to see what dress Mrs. Price was wearing.  He says she wears pretty dresses. Can you say teacher crush?  He also tells me he has two girlfriends, Leilani and Morgan.  His favorite thing about school is playing math games on the tablets in the computer room.

Landen has Ms. Leal.  She has been teaching for 20 years.  She is pretty strict which is just what Landen needs.  She also stresses the importance of family and how we are to treat each other.  I have seen a huge improvement in his attitude at home just in one short month of going to school.  He is the first to say "okay mom" with a cheerful attitude *most of the time*.  He is doing great in her class.  He tells me every day whether he got to move his behavior clip up or not.  (he has had to move it down once and he's working hard to make sure it doesn't happen again so he can get stars on his chart at home)

  The first time I tried to do the drive thru kindergarten drop off with them, Landen threw himself on the passenger window crying "mommy! mommy!"  My mommy heart hurt seeing him so upset.  I didn't cry dropping them off on the first day of school, but I almost cried that day, seeing him so sad.  He has now gotten used to the drive thru drop off but he likes the days when I park and walk them to the playground better.

They still ask almost every day if it is a school day or a home day.  They aren't used to the 5 days a week yet.  Welcome to what will seem like the rest of you lives kids. And I know for me it will go by in a flash.

Jacob started his pre-k year.  He isn't being super shy in class which is a great improvement for him! And he actually talks to his teachers!  He has a little friend named Ava he talks about all of the time. "Do I get to go to school today?" yes. "ya! I get to see Ava!"
 He is very excited to have homework like his brothers and he loves rubbing it in if he finishes his work before them.

Cruz is in the pre-preliminary class full of two-year-olds.  They are helping him potty train which has been going well so far! *thumbs up!*  He is a rule follower....so far.  And as long as he has his blanket in the morning, he walks into his class without tears.

 Jacob and Cruz love Tuesdays and Thursdays when they get to be home with me.  Jacob takes on the role of the older brother when V and L aren't around.  He's not bossy about it, he is very nurturing.  They are developing a cute relationship.  And sometimes they dress the same thanks to having twin older brothers giving them hand-me-downs.

Cruz loves his zebra backpack he got for his birthday from cousins Kyston and Chloe.  He is a happy little camper following his brothers around campus before and after school.

Cruz with his safari hat they made at school. AND his flip flops on the wrong feet.