Thursday, August 4, 2016

The End

Summer came and went without a single post on the Holguin Family blog.  And now it is over, summer has come to an end.  School has started this week along with soccer, so before my camera fills up with all of our new activities I need to pause and remember summer 2016.  Our summer wasn't super jammed packed but we made some good memories!

PASO ROBLES camping and PISMO beach day

I bought bubble guns for the weekend and they were a HIT! They have now become a camping staple.

It was a COLD day at the beach, but that didn't keep us out of the water.


Vincent found the BIGGEST sand crab I have ever seen.  And it had hundreds of orange eggs under it's belly.  It was dead when he found it.




Jacob turned FOUR 

We celebrated in Toy Story style.

Hollister and Gilroy Gardens

We camped for 5 day near Casa De Frutas in Hollister. 

Keeping up with the smore's tradition. (look how dirty Jacob's feet are)

I am so thankful for our trailer!! I gave the boys a bath pretty much every night.  Dirty boys are a sign of good ole camping fun.

The campground had an old playground with a really tall slide and 4 swings.  They could have stayed there all day every day.

We just followed these train tracks to the general store..... get some icee drinks of course! 

These boys, holding hand just because they wanted to, not because I asked them to.

 We played a family game of bean boozled! Man, that rotten milk taste is NASTY!

We spent a day at Gilroy Gardens.  A fun little amusement park with some waterpark/splash pad areas.  The boys had a blast.  It's definitely geared towards little kids and the park was practically empty for most of the day.  I will be sure to tell Landen about the time he felt a girls bathing suit top AND bottom while asking her if suit was dry and then her dad says "hey keep your hands to yourself buddy" it was hilarious and so innocent. 

I told Vincent to wave at the camera.....wasn't really thinking the picture would turn out like this:

We had such a fun week!
Family Selfie!!

Snapchat was a fun way to pas the time during the long drive home

We also had Cruz assessed at the resource center and he will be starting some speech sessions this month with a program called bright start.  He's saying a ton of words, they just aren't complete or understandable most of the time.  He usually says just the first syllable of a two syllable word.

Jacob and Cruz started their preschool year on Monday and Vincent and Landen started Kindergarten on Wednesday.  Vincent and Landen started soccer on Tuesday and Jacob starts soccer next week.  AWANAS is going to start soon.  And the homework folder is starting as well.  I'm also doing my second year in leadership for MOPS (moms of preschoolers) of which I'm in charge of publicity.  I have a large "to do" going for that with August deadlines.   I'm starting to keep a very detailed organized planner to keep track of everything!!   Without it, I just may loose my mind, or a kids lunch or even an entire kid!  Let the school year commence!

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