Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mini Post: Preschool Graduation

Preschool Graduation

Such an exciting and over done day! hah!

Pomp and circumstance playing for their entrance.

Actual hats and gowns with 2016 keepsake tassels.

A picture slide show with Taylor Swifts Never Grow Up song playing in the background

an over done day fore sure

AND I loved every minute of it!!!

They performed a couple of songs for us.  I only understood a few words. But the hand motions were adorable.  "you be you, and I'll be me...." That's about about the extent of the words I could make out.  But their little voices sounded adorable.

They received diplomas and a hug from their teacher.

Their two teachers were Miss Kayla and Miss Traci

The Grandparents attended the ceremony, of course.  Because graduating from preschool is a BIG DEAL!


This is their best friend Hannah.  She was also in AWANAS with them at church.  I'm so grateful for church friends that also go to school with them.

Ryan's cousin's daughter goes to their school too.  Makayla.  They love her.

And I love my little graduates.

I'm so excited for them to go to Kindergarten.  They can't wait.  Especially since they get to play on the big play ground and take a lunch bag to school.

(and I can't wait because seriously, preschool was expensive! Kindergarten is free. yay!)

They will be the high school class of 2029.

* also I have hopes that in the years to come they will perfect natural looking smiles for the camera! *

(last mini post. I'm all caught up. for now)

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