Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mini Post: T-ball

Our second season of Tball finished up.  Jacob was too young to play in the same league as Vincent and Landen so he played for the city.  Lets just say, I'm looking forward to having them all in the same league next year.

Vincent and Landen played for the Cardinals.

They improved a lot since their last time playing.



Not sure what's up with Vincents stance?!

and running....

I don't know what was up with the lighting during this particular game but it affected the camera and most of the pictures didn't turn out.  But I thought this had kind of a neat effect.

Jacob played for the Dodgers

He was very excited to play a sport like his brothers.  But during practice he would rather be playing WITH his brothers instead of practicing. 

He didn't quite have a go-get-it attitude and he pretty much jogged the bases rather than ran them.  But it was a good first season for Jacob.

And his "at bat" face was hilarious.  Such determination.

He received a metal for his year and a hug from his biggest fan

And what a cute little fan Cruz was.  All season.  He also didn't know how to sit still and watch the game!   Too bad he won't be old enough to play next year either.  So another year of watching is in his future.

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