Monday, May 30, 2016

Mini Post: Awanas

Catching up on life through several mini posts.

First up.


My boys finished their second year of Awanas.  They all love it!  Jacob loved being a Cubbie with his older brothers.  Vincent did an awesome job at memorizing the verses.  He caught on so quickly and would know the verse after practicing only a couple of times.

Cruz hung out in the nursery every Wednesday night.  He will graduate to the Puggles class with all of the other 2 year olds next year.

I help out in with the Sparks (which consist of kindergarten through 2nd grade) Which means Vincent and Landen will be in Sparks next year.  I'm excited to to be able witness them grow and learn in Sparks next year.

They had an awards ceremony, where they sang a couple of songs and received a ribbon for completing their book.

Vincent (far left) Landen (to the right of center) and Jacob (far right)

Teacher Mark was Landen's leader for both of his Cubbie years.  He was a perfect leader for Landen.

My handsome Cubbies!!!

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