Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Baby

The baby of the family just turned two.  Say what?!  And I will admit it just doesn't seem right celebrating a second birthday around here without another baby added to the family.  For Vincent and Landen's second we had Jacob who was 7 months old.  And for Jacob's second birthday we had Cruz who was 3 months old.  Sadly, we don't have another baby around here! The baby IS the two year old.

We were thinking about going camping this weekend but the trip didn't happen, so we threw together a last minute "party" for him.  Just a small family party and it was perfect.  The boys were sooo excited for Cruz to be turning two.

Not the best picture of us,  but a picture none the less.  Ryan and I with our "baby"

Cruz got a stuffed Arlo dinosaur for Christmas so the boys naturally call him Cruz's dinosaur.  So we had a Cruz's dinosaur themed party.

Cruz blew out his candles like a champ! (with a little help from me)

He got some fun presents! Shoes, toys, books, a bike (the kind without pedals to help them learn balance) and a kid "quad".  He is having a hard time sharing his new toys with 3, oh so eager brothers.

I LOVE this picture even though it is blurry.  It captures Cruz's personality so well.  He makes so many funny animated faces.  This is the face he made when he opened his bubble lawn mower. haha.

Cruz has added a lot of words to his vocabulary lately.  I would say "mine" is the newest word.  And he has used that one quite a bit today when describing his new toys.  The two-year-old temper tantrums are rearing their ugly head, so Cruz has visited the 'time out' corner a few times recently.

Most of the time he is so sweet.  He LOVES holding hands.  Whenever we are walking anywhere; to his class at school, to the park, into church, he has to be holding Ryan or my hand.

He loves water.  He loves playing in it.  And he loves drinking it.  He always has to have a sippy cup of water on the counter in the kitchen ready for him whenever he gets thirsty.  "Wa Wa pwease"

He gives excellent kisses and hugs. And LOVES reading books before bed.

He moves up to the 2 year old class this week.  In that class they wear pull ups and work on potty training.  Man, this momma is not ready for that.  But the thought of no more diapers is kind of nice! We have been buying diapers for 5 years straight!

He has all 4 of his teeth popping through the gums to fill in his gaps.

I LOVE that I see a little bit of each of his brothers in him.  He has the same mouth and nose as Jacob.  He has Landen's BIG brown eyes.  And he has Vincent's smile.  But he has his own unique personality.  Full of crazy faces and funny mannerism.  He is a character.  We love him so much and thank God everyday for our baby boy #4.

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