Friday, April 15, 2016

March Recap

Well life is busy with baseball practice and all the things that come with spring time and I've been super busy with my duties as publicity coordinator for our MOPS group (moms of preschoolers). I still want to keep up on this blog because I need to keep life documented some where so my posts are few and far between. Maybe making for one long post per month? Here is a March recap.

My mom and sister and I took a day trip up to San Fransisco to see the musical Wicked.  Ryan was thankful he didn't have to take me.   It was so good and would love to see it again some day.  Rumor has it, they are making it into a movie.  That would be awesome!

Vincent has learned a new trick with his eyes.  I hate it and he knows it.  So he does it to see my reaction and then laughs.  I told him his eyes are going to get stuck like that!

He has also learned how to "smack" which he really means snap.  He has been working on that for months.  He has been really into drawing rainbows.  He has quite the imagination.  And he has a cute little lisp for words using the letter "s".  He knows he's the oldest and he doesn't have a problem with mentioning that to his younger brothers every now and again.  He also has a little defiant side.  Mad faces appearing a little too often if you ask me.

Landen has always been our crazy one but I've noticed him calming down a lot more lately.  Concentrating on his cars and carrying them around in his backpack everywhere.  He needs to work on sharing and using his words instead of going straight into a crying fit.  He loves playing minion rush on the tablet (and he's really good at that game!)

Jacob and I love messing around with snap chat on my phone.

We seemed to skip the terrible twos with Jacob but the threes have been a different story lately! yikes!  His favorite response is "I don't want to" and let me tell you, that doesn't fly with me.  He still has the cutest little voice and raises his eyebrows when he gets excited about what he has to say.  He has gone through a major growth spurt and all of his 3T pants are too short. On to the next size. His favorite thing to do is play with playdoh or kinetic sand and imagination play with his brother "bin-cent".

Cruz isn't talking much.  He is saying more words but they are difficult to understand and not near where he should be at this age.  We might be having him assessed soon for his speech.  He turns two in a week!  He loves reading books and playing outside.  But mostly he loves taking things away from his brothers and teasing them (not my favorite thing). He has the funnest personality and so much expression in his face. 

The boys had crazy hair day at Awanas. (took me almost a week to get the orange out of Jacob's hair)

My Aunt and Uncle and cousins came to visit for a weekend.  And I only took one picture! BOO!  We had fun playing Badminton.  (We might be a competitive family :) )


Ryan's mom made a bunch of confetti eggs.  The boys had a blast with those.

Cruz had an egg hunt at his daycare.

The weather has been great for outdoor play! Seriously loving it.  I was planting flowers one afternoon and the boys drove by.  Vincent stopped and he said "Mom, we're going to Target, you need anything?"

Jacobs toddler bed was falling apart and Cruz had been climbing out of his crib so it was time to upgrade their beds.  We got Vincent and Landen bunk beds.  And then moved their twin beds over to Jacob and Cruz's room.  I still have rearranging to do and redecorating to do, it's a work in progress and as snow balled into other projects.  But I'm loving the new beds.  

Cruz fell out of his bed three times the first night so we got him a bed rail. 

Vincent and Landen had an art gallery night at their preschool. 

We are still waiting to hear on what school they will be getting in to for Kindergarten in the fall.  It is still crazy to think they will be going to elementary school next year!

People are always shocked when they realize I have FOUR boys.  Sometimes their reactions annoy me, and sometimes their reactions are refreshing.   Today Ryan and I were in a shoe store buying Jacob and Cruz some new shoes (Vincent and Landen were still at preschool)  The lady helping us said something about Jacob's shoes looking well worn.  And I said yes he always gets the hand-me-downs and that this pair of shoes would be his first *new* pair of Nikes. All of his other pairs were used.  I said something about having 4 boys saves you money in the shoe and clothes department!  And she said "I know what you mean! I have 5 boys"  Man I LOVE that! haha.  I'm sure if I told Ryan, lets have a 5th boy.  He'd look at me like I was insane. Buahahaha

But man I LOVE these four!

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