Tuesday, March 1, 2016

When can we go again?!?!

We went on our first big camping trip of the year!  We stayed at the Monterey/Santa Cruz KOA campground.  It was such a great place, especially for the kids.  The first thing we did was jump on their huge bouncer thingy.  It was like a bounce house without walls and it was surrounded by sand so you could jump off or roll off into the soft sand.


Our campsite was awesome and Ryan is getting more and more comfortable parking this home away from home we have.

The next morning we spent exploring more of the campground and riding on the little train they had going through the campground.  It ran twice a day.  

Snack Time!

After nap time we drove down to Monterey to the Fisherman's Wharf. We walked around and enjoyed some ice cream.

 Our trailer has an awesome set up for sleeping arrangements.  Everyone has their own bed and Ryan and I have a queen bed.  My mom sewed a mesh divider that we put up on the lower bunk to keep cruz from falling out.  It worked really well! And he slept great in that bed.

The next day we headed out right after breakfast to drive down to Monterey again (45 minute drive) this time we had tickets for the aquarium.   We almost forgot the camera, had to go back and get it, but something we DID forget and didn't realize it until we got there was our wallets.  NO ID, NO money!!  I had prepaid and printed our tickets but we didn't have a way to pay for parking.  So we found a bank and thought it was worth a try to get cash before we drove all the way back to get our wallets.  And they gave me cash without ID!! We were so thankful we didn't have to drive back to the trailer.  So after that wasted 45 minutes of our time we were finally able to park and head into the aquarium.

That's a sea otter swimming towards them.
A bunch of Nemos

This penguin loved kids! He/she would follow Landen's hand by the glass.
Cruz, sittin in a penguin egg

We had lunch at the Bubba Gumps restuarant and made it back to the camgproud to enjoy some time on the playground and the bouncy thing before a storm rolled in.

 We had to eat dinner inside the trailer.  It was cozy hearing the rain outside.  I was soooo grateful we were in a trailer and NOT a tent.

That night the trailer shook with the thunder.  Ryan and I woke up to the storm but the boys slept right through it.  The next day we enjoyed some mini golf, even though it was slightly drizzling. Late morning the sun came out and we spent the day bouncing, napping, and playing on the playground.  Because that's what vacation is all about. Relaxing!

Ryan and I started out trying to teach the boys how to properly hit the golf ball, stay off the green when it wasn't your turn, and not to touch the ball until you made it in the hole.

I LOVE his concentration

The teaching didn't last long!  After awhile, we were like, forget it. Move the ball, take your turn twice in a row, walk on the green, whatever. It was a free for all.

 AND golfing with a 20 month old? UM no thanks!  This kid.  He would smile when he had his club and ball, then as soon as we asked him to get off the green or wait his turn.....

full on tears.... oh what a joy!

 We spent hours at their "beach" area.  That's where the bouncy thing was and all the sand.

Dinner was hamburgers and dessert was S'mores of course!!  And Ryan's cousin came to hang out with us for a little bit.  The boys loved it and all the candy she brought!

Holguin Brothers

Ryan and I had such a great time.  And the boys are still talking about our vacation we went on for FIVE days to camping and the aquarium.  We really can't wait to go camping again!

One last picture....Cruz taking a selfie! "cheeeeese"! haha

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