Sunday, March 13, 2016


Let's start off by saying I am soooo tired of Mario and Luigi themed things.  My boys are still very much in love with Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad, and anything else related to the video game.  Vincent is IN LOVE with Princess Rosalina.  Unfortunately I don't see an end in sight on this but I really HOPE this is the last Mario and Luigi party I throw, fingers crossed.

How have I been a mom for 5 years already?  Such a whirlwind!  With that I have also grieved the loss of my daughter for 5 years.  Those two will always go hand in hand.  It's hard to celebrate their birthday and not think back to that day. The day I became a mom was also the day I held my stillborn.  I love acknowledging her and remembering her.  One of the ways we include her in the celebration is by putting a "K" on their birthday cake.  This cake was Princess Peach style with a pink K and a crown.  I loved it.

We hadn't had a big birthday party for them since they turned one.  So this year they got to invite some friends.  We had it at a pizza place because the boys love PIZZA! And we didn't want to risk the rain for a backyard party.

I think the 1-up mushroom and big mushroom cupcakes were the hit of the party.

They loved their gifts and it was so fun watching them get excited.  I think they said "oh my goodness!" with every gift.

They really wanted a bounce house and pinata at their party.  Like I said, we weren't sure about the weather so it was a no for the bounce house and I didn't think the restaurant would allow a bat and pinata in their party room.  So Pinterest to the rescue! I saw this awesome idea of making a pinata that was opened by the kids all pulling on ribbon.  They yanked it open and out came the candy! 

The party favors were white chocolate Wii remotes.

We had so much fun and are so grateful for the family and friends who made it special for Vincent and Landen.

I cannot believe they are 5 already and I'm registering them for kindergarten!  They are completely opposite in every sense of the word and I LOVE that about them! 

Every year we visit Karissa's grave on their birthday.  This year they were calling it Karissa's house.  They picked out flowers and a balloon for her.  They were asking more questions and I think understanding more about her.  I always tear up at her grave.  And Vincent told Landen "Mommy is crying because she misses our sister"  And then he stood next to me and matter-of-factly stated "I miss her too mom" 

Vincent has such a sweet heart and a silly little laugh.  He has developed this mad face when he doesn't agree with me.  He is quickly learning that his mad face only gets him in more trouble.  He is a perfectionist (like his mom) and he's very private and reserved.  I think it's so cute how easily he gets embarrassed.  He tries to act tough and hold back those tears but I can usually get out his reason for the welled up tears in his eyes.  Mom's tend to have that ability :)

Landen is hilarious.  He is a talker.  Non stop!  He doesn't have a shy bone in his body.  He will talk to anyone who will listen.  He is enthusiastic and hyper.  He hates most vegetables.  He loves his stuffed animals and usually totes his lovie and blanket all around the house.  He keeps us entertained.

Vincent and Landen are the best of friends.  And they always insist on dressing the same. (I will enjoy that while it lasts) I couldn't be more proud of my two 5 year olds.  And they can't wait to be in Kindergarten! (and honestly neither can we! That is two less preschool tuitions we will be paying for! hallelujah!)

Landen and Vincent (February 23rd 2016)

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