Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Snoopy Time of Year

The price of ONE ticket to Knott's Berry Farm is $76.  We got our entire family of 6 in for $75.  They offer an incredible discount to fire personnel every year and we just can't pass up such a great deal!  So every January we take a trip "to the roller coasters".  Ryan's brother Eric and his wife Candice and their son Ethan met us there.  The boys had a blast with their cousin!

It was such a fun day, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves!

First ride of the day

They were so excited that they were tall enough this year for this flying on your stomach ride.  Jacob however, was not tall enough.  He was devastated!!! Next year bud, you can ride it next year.

The boys did great for the times they had to wait while Ryan and Ethan rode the bigger rides.  My nephew is quite the thrill seeker.

 We all couldn't believe Ethan went on the supreme scream ride.  He BARELY made the height limit.  The kid was scared....but he wouldn't admit it! haha

Candice helped me out so much! She is not much of a roller coaster lover so she would stay back and watch Cruz while I went on the rides with the older boys.  She took this cute selfie of her and Landen together.


The boys were able to wear the shirts I had made them last year.  Since we had left Cruz with my Grandma last year, he didn't have a shirt so I of course had to make him one to match for this year.

Cruz was such a trooper! He had to skip out on a lot of rides.  But he had a sweet seat in the stroller though!

On one of the rides he was able to go on, we told him to put his hands up and he held them up for the entire ride.  I kept trying to put them down but he insisted on holding them up!

We ended the day at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour.  That is such a fun restaurant,  I think we have made that a yearly tradition as well.

Disney's Frozen on Ice

In January we also took the boys to Fresno to see Frozen on Ice.  They loved it! (Ryan was so bored though haha)


This what I get when I ask for a smile

Okay, so I had to get January's pictures up on the blog before I started on February's.  So many fun things we've been up to, it's hard to stay caught up, but I love looking back at previous blog posts with my boys. The effort is worth it!

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