Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Month Later

My computer has been on the verge of death.  Super slow.  Freezing up all of the time.  I panicked and started backing up all of my pictures.  I take about 300-500 pictures a month! (let me explain...taking pictures of 4 young kids...you get 1 good one for every 20 you take)  So I went through my monthly folders and deleted all the blurry ones and retakes.  I cleaned out and deleted a lot of junk I didn't need.  I got on the phone with Apple and they helped me delete adware and upgrade my operating system.  It has been a long frustrating month.  I use my computer a lot for church related things and digital designing.  Now, my computer is by no means up to par BUT it is running much much much better.

So a month later, I am finally able to put Christmas pictures up on the blog (without my computer freezing up on me every 10 minutes)

December was a FUN month!

We made gingerbread houses (on a budget: using left over frosting from a cookie party I hosted and graham crackers from the cupboard) The boys kept calling them gingerbread boy houses.  I couldn't get them to drop the boy.

Vincent and Landen had a cute Christmas party in their preschool class with a book gift exchange.

Notice Vincent and Landen are assigned opposite sides of the carpet. HA HA
 We had our annual trip down south for Christmas with my Mom's side and Dad's side of the family.

We always stay at my Grandma's house (GG's house).  The boys got to take a bath in her big tub.  I love that they get to spend time with their Great Grandma and create memories at her home.

Look at these kiddos growing up fast (mine and my cousin's kids).  Christmas 2012 vs. Christmas 2015. (We added a baby to the mix in those 3 years)

My Grandma had the kids sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  We always have a fun time seeing family that we don't get to see throughout the year.

Christmas on my Dad's side was at his brother's house this year.  (His brother Frank was taking the picture below)  My kids....I have no words.

The boys LOVED their pool.

My uncle turned on the spa.  Which was a great idea until I ended up going half way in to help a drowning Jacob who didn't realize the middle of the spa was too deep for him and he couldn't reach the bottom.  After the initial freak out, they all got comfortable with the spa and had a great time swimming...in their underwear...in December...crazy boys.  (and luckily I had a change of clothes for myself)

Our work schedule this year was about as bad as we could get.  I'm not going to say the worst, because I'm sure it could have been.

Ryan works Tu, W, Th so that meant he was gone for Christmas Eve and came home Christmas morning around 10:00

So I took the boys to Christmas Eve service by myself.  Which wasn't a complete disaster!  Hallelujah!  We sat in the back overflow area so the kids wouldn't be a huge distraction.  They did as well as could be expected.  4 kids and only 1 parent.  And I am SO GRATEFUL for the couple who helped me with the boys when it came time to hold and light the candles.  It meant so much to me that they helped my boys.  I don't know if they read this, but if they do...Thank You! (because 4 boys holding candles and just one of me could have ended with a visit from the fire department!)

Every 3 years I have to work Christmas day and this was my year to work.  My shift starts at 5 A.M.  So from 5:00 IN THE MORNING on Christmas Day until 10:00 when Ryan got home I needed someone to watch my kids.  My sweet sister offered to watch them! I am so grateful for family!  Her and Stephen made it such a special Christmas morning for them.  With a Christmas-y breakfast and a snowman craft.  (and she even took pictures of everything for me!...They are going to make great parents someday because they are already an awesome aunt and uncle)

After I got off work Christmas day we headed to Ryan's family.  I totally forgot my camera! But we had a great time! The boys played outside even though it was freezing.  My in-laws made a delicious meal and we had so much fun playing the game Sour Apples to Apples.  Lots of laughs.  I have a hilarious video of Landen opening a present.  I will try and put it on here but videos sometimes don't work.  It was the best reactions EVER though! So much excitement!

Here's the video:

To add to our bummer of a Christmas Eve and Day work schedules, I had to work the weekend as well.  So Saturday I worked and then we went straight to my parents for Christmas.  Every once in a while we have chinese food for our Christmas dinner there.  This was one of those years!  (Ryan's favorite)

Open presents time!...

One of their gifts from my parents were Razor scooters.  I'm sure we will have many scraped up knees this year but a lot of fun trips through the neighborhood.

Sunday I worked again..and then FINALLY when I got home and the kids were up from their naps we got to celebrate with our little family.

The boys were so patient and waited all weekend to open their stockings.

traditional matching pajamas

We eat popcorn during present time....one of our family traditions.

Ryan and I exchanged gifts and he spoiled me rotten.  Of couse the kids helped us open all of our gifts.

On Jacob's wish list was a "working" Jesse, Woody, Buzz, and Bullseye.  By working, he meant talking.  He only got two out of the 4 from his list (and one of those two was a used toy) but he was as happy as ever and has slept with Woody every night since.

On Vincent's wish list was a stuffed Yoshi (Vincent had a run in with Landen's head that morning...that's why he has a fat upper lip)

Cruz didn't have a wish list, but he got some goodies too.  And he is so easy to get a picture of.  As soon as he sees a phone or a camera he is cheesing it up!

On top of Landen's wish list was the WiiU game system.  That was the big gift we got for all of the boys.  And we saved it for last.  They are OBSESSED with Mario & Luigi and were so excited.

It was an AWESOME Christmas even though we had to work so much.  But hey, we are grateful for our jobs.  Ryan and I feel so blessed and we enjoy providing for our family.

A MAJOR perk to having computer problems is now that I was forced to go through my pictures,  I have started the kid's "school days" photo albums which will include from their first birthday through at least 8th grade.  (I'm still thinking about making a separate album for high school).  Either way, I'm excited I got them started!

We have A LOT of fun things planned for 2016! I am so excited!