Thursday, December 17, 2015

Photo Dump

I've been too busy to post, almost too busy to take pictures.  But I have a few.

Thanksgiving at the Fire house

Ryan took us on a ride in the engine blaring sirens and lights and all.  Jacob wants to be a fireman when he grows up, just like daddy.  He does looks super cute in that seat!

We also celebrated Thanksgiving with both sides of the family the days following Thanksgiving, I of course didn't take pictures.

Vincent and Landen's school had a Thanksgiving Fall Fest.  Almost talked Landen into something different, but of course, him and Vincent want to match.  (They are pretending to be puppies, so they have their hands up like paws) Jacob is a snake.  And that's Mike Tyson on the left.

We had a spur of the moment day at the Zoo when Ryan and I happened to have a weekday off at the same time!

This guy is 19 months old...

I hosted a cookie decorating party for some friends and their kiddos.  My camera was on a funky setting because most of the pictures didn't turn out.  But the kids had a blast!! And hosting a party pushed me to finish my decorating on time!

Jacob's class was participating in the towns Christmas parade.  So he and I rode on the float.  He was so excited "I'm going to a parade with all my friends"  but the parade took too long and the float didn't move fast enough so he lost interest pretty fast.  He was still pretty proud he got to be in the Candy Cane Lane parade.

Jacob's teacher is the one on the far left (tan coat)

My nephew had a school event where the boys got to take a picture with Santa. 

And of course we've had our share of the sickies.  Pink eye, coughs, and runny noses.  This guy crashed on the couch one night so his coughing wouldn't keep Cruz awake.

Our tree is filling up with presents.  Our home feels cozy and Christmas-y.  And we are getting ready to spend time with extended family this weekend for Christmas celebrations.  We are so looking forward to everything this week has in store.  I NEED to be better at taking pictures!  Hope everyone has a beautiful week full of family and tradition.  I'm sure I will be doing a Christmas photo dump on the next post.  Until then, Merry Christmas!