Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blue Eagles

This was Vincent and Landen's first year playing soccer.  Overall I'd say it was successful and frustrating (for Ryan and I). 

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They loved going to practice.  Their first game was off to a slow start with Landen crying every time he got knocked over.  But then Vincent caught onto the idea and scored his first goal!

Vincent's actual first goal
He scored 2 in that first game and Landen scored 1.  I thought, alright this is going to be fun.  (Their first game was the best game they played....things kind of petered out after that)

As the season progressed the boys were less and less intense during the game.  However, Landen was proud of the fact that he wouldn't cry anymore when he got knocked down, but he also wasn't going after the ball anymore.

Landen....ALWAYS chewing on his nails and fingers.

 I think he scored a total of 2 goals the entire season.  And Vincent scored 5 total. 

They both did much better at practice and warm ups than they did during the actual game.  They would chase their shadows and hang on the goal post.  Every once in awhile they would participate in a throw in.  They weren't the worst players on the team but they definitely weren't the stars either.  They were the ones that needed A LOT of encouragement.  We yelled "RUN! PAY ATTENTION TO THE BALL" quite a few times. "WATCH THE BALL! PAY ATTENTION!" "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!"

Throw In
Intense game face
Warming up....

Warming up together
Cutie on the sidelines

We took them to a few of our nephew Ethan's soccer games so they could see what the "big boys" look like when they play

Overall it was a good learning year.  Jacob can't wait to play.  Not sure the age brackets for the team but maybe all 3 will be on the same team next year.

What they REALLY loved was the pizza party at the end of the season. And they got trophies!!

We loved coach Richardson and appreciated all the time he put into the team.

They love their trophies!

Maybe we will attempt t-ball again in the spring.  Jacob will be old enough to play!

I love seeing my kids play sports.

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