Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blue Eagles

This was Vincent and Landen's first year playing soccer.  Overall I'd say it was successful and frustrating (for Ryan and I). 

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They loved going to practice.  Their first game was off to a slow start with Landen crying every time he got knocked over.  But then Vincent caught onto the idea and scored his first goal!

Vincent's actual first goal
He scored 2 in that first game and Landen scored 1.  I thought, alright this is going to be fun.  (Their first game was the best game they played....things kind of petered out after that)

As the season progressed the boys were less and less intense during the game.  However, Landen was proud of the fact that he wouldn't cry anymore when he got knocked down, but he also wasn't going after the ball anymore.

Landen....ALWAYS chewing on his nails and fingers.

 I think he scored a total of 2 goals the entire season.  And Vincent scored 5 total. 

They both did much better at practice and warm ups than they did during the actual game.  They would chase their shadows and hang on the goal post.  Every once in awhile they would participate in a throw in.  They weren't the worst players on the team but they definitely weren't the stars either.  They were the ones that needed A LOT of encouragement.  We yelled "RUN! PAY ATTENTION TO THE BALL" quite a few times. "WATCH THE BALL! PAY ATTENTION!" "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!"

Throw In
Intense game face
Warming up....

Warming up together
Cutie on the sidelines

We took them to a few of our nephew Ethan's soccer games so they could see what the "big boys" look like when they play

Overall it was a good learning year.  Jacob can't wait to play.  Not sure the age brackets for the team but maybe all 3 will be on the same team next year.

What they REALLY loved was the pizza party at the end of the season. And they got trophies!!

We loved coach Richardson and appreciated all the time he put into the team.

They love their trophies!

Maybe we will attempt t-ball again in the spring.  Jacob will be old enough to play!

I love seeing my kids play sports.

Monday, November 9, 2015


I have done a blog post each time my kids are 18 months.  Something about the year and a half mark makes me want to take note of what they are doing.

Cruz is an EXPERT at smiling for the camera! All the picture I have of him are cheesy to perfection.

He has 7 teeth. (still missing the botton right to complete the front 8 teeth)  and just this past week I felt one of his back molars poking through so #8 is on its way.

I have nick named him "Mr. Tornado" and the other boys think it's HILARIOUS if I go into the room Cruz is in and say "aye aye aye, Mr. Tornado!"  He seriously gets into everything and can make a mess in two seconds.


 He's a very independent eater.  He has to be the one feeding himself.  It's a good thing and a bad thing depending on the situation.

Jacob and Cruz are two peas in a pod.  Jacob loves him so much.  They play so well together.  Often times I pick Cruz and Jacob up from their "school" and then run a couple errands before getting Vincent and Landen from preschool.  So having just the two of them for an hour or two here and there is so fun.  They are so sweet to each other (most of the time)

Cruz is a screamer! He screams when he's mad.  But he also screams and squeals when he's excited! or frustrated! or playing with his brothers.  Always. screaming.  I hope it's a short lived phase.

He loves to wrestle, fly on my feet in the air, and play chase with Ryan and I around the house.  He is an active toddler!

He LOVES food!  He out eats his brothers for most meals.  And he loves sweets....but what kid doesn't.  After we had our parent teacher conference for Vincent and Landen we treated them to ice cream for having excellent scores and behavior in school.  Cruz loved that he got to benefit from that too.

He is the baby of the family and gets shuffled around to various places. Even through the busy schedules he is pretty consistent with a 2 to 3 hour afternoon nap. Bed at 8. Usually up between 6:30 and 7.  He is an excellent sleeper.  He just wants his linen blanket and his pacifier (still haven't commited to breaking him of that yet)

He is most happy outside.  He goes straight to the slider after breakfast.  "out! out!"  Another thing him and Jacob have in common.

The doctor is a little bit concerned with his lack of words.  He can say less than 10 words right now.  And they really are only words that Ryan and I know what he is saying.  A stranger would have no clue.  If the quantity of his words don't improve by the end of the year, we might need to have his speech assessed.  I'm not too worried about it.  He has time.

He weighs in at 29 pounds and is rapidly catching up to his older brothers.  He is off the charts for height estimated to be 6'3" as an adult (we shall see about that.)  He mostly wears 2T now, still fitting into a few 18-24 month.  So now I have a kid in size 2T, 3T, 4T, and 5T.  Just buy ALL the SIZES! hah!

I can't believe how fast time is going.  We couldn't imagine our family without him.  We love our Cruzie Boy.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween was not what I wanted

I love a good costume themed family dressed up on halloween.  So fun! And up until this year my kids didn't have an opinion on what they would dress up as.  They were too little to decide so I decided for them.  It has been fun! This year I wanted the 6 of us to be the pups from paw patrol.

How perfect?! My boys love that cartoon.  There are 5 boy pups and 1 girl pup.  I mean that has Holguin family halloween written all over it! I asked the boys which pup they wanted to be (besides myself being Skye of course and Ryan being Marshall, the firefighter, it only made the most sense.)  They were not on board with this idea.  Vincent and Landen wanted to be Mario and Luigi.  I told them they were already that for halloween.  Of course they were only 1 and they don't remember that.

Then Jacob piped in and said he wanted to be Mario too.  And I said two Marios?!  And then Landen laid it all out.  "No, Jacob you can be Yoshi and Cruzie boy can be Toad and then you can be Princess Peach mom!"  And I asked well what about dad?  And Vincent said "He can be Bowser!"  Well there you have it.  Our family costumes, decided by our four year olds.  Not what I wanted but that's okay.

I looked up the cost of costumes online.  Wowzas!! $$$ So I decided to make them.  I started on October 8th.  And I thought I would be all creative and take pictures while I went along.

That didn't last long! I only had 23 days to get all 6 costumes done.  I didn't have time for pictures.

I made all of the costumes (with a little help from my mom) except I cheated a little on my dress.  I bought the dress at the goodwill store and then just added the light pink sleeves and skirt portion.  Definitely saved time! And money! that dress was only $12.


I sewed his hat to a beanie.  It fit just snug enough to stay on but not too tight.  He loved having that hat on!  The onesie I was given from a friend and I used the boys AWANA cubbie vest as a template for Toad's vest.  I sewed is pants out of fleece.


I glued the eyes and nose and back part of his head to an old white hat we had.  And I found his green gloves at JoAnns for $1!  The orange is just fleece fabric covering his shoes.  Here's the back view:

And the top of the hat


Landen pointed out to me that Luigi's pants were supposed to be darker than Mario's.  I wasn't about to pay more for an extra color of blue felt so I made them the same shade of blue, sorry kid.


Then there was Bowser.  He took the longest to make so I made Ryan PROMISE he would wear the costume.  I wasn't going to waste all that time and money if he wasn't going to wear it.  He didn't have the best of attitude but he did keep in on all night!

My nephew Ethan pretending that the ninja is beating Bowser up.


And my dress like I said I bought from the Goodwill and then I made my crown out of glitter foam paper.

And Landen again pointed out that my white haired wig was the wrong color and that Princess Peach's hair is supposed to be yellow.  I didn't realize he was so detail oriented!

We had a fun night!  My parents came over for a pizza dinner and my dad brought his old mask from years ago.  Cruz didn't mind wearing it but he did not like it when my dad had it on.

My nephew stopped by for some pictures.  Ninja Ethan

We went by the church harvest festival for a short while.  Ryan was so hot in his costume. Poor guy.

Then we headed out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  It was fun seeing the neighbors.  And they all loved our themed family costumes.

Toad mainly rode in the wagon the whole time

It was not the halloween theme I wanted but I had a fun night with my Mario and Luigi and gang

I can't believe October is over.  We had fun at school carnivals

And the pumpkin patch

 Carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds.

The boys know November means Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to the turkey crafts and celebrations with my 4 little turkeys this month.