Friday, October 30, 2015

Maiden Voyage!

Okay, so I know "Maiden Voyage" is a term used for boats or ships but a trailer is kind of like a ship on land? Anyway, our first trip out with the trailer happened about a month ago.  I've been busy sewing 6 halloween costumes so I haven't had a chance to get these pictures off my camera until now.  I had to make room for all the crazy fun pictures tomorrow night will bring!

We pulled the trailer with Ryan's truck....3 in the back and 3 in the front makes for a crammed cab and a noisy one! The boys were so excited

Ryan was stressed! He was so nervous about backing it up, pulling it in to the site, setting it all up. He did great though!  And my parents met us at the campground for the weekend trip, so any questions Ryan had, he could ask the veteran campers, my parents.

And good thing my parents were there! We forgot so many things, like a can opener and a lighter.  I realized we didn't have those two things the minute I tried to make frito boats for dinner! hah! Kind of important but we could have survived without them if needed.

Our first night....the boys watching a movie before bed

 The table made into a bed, that's where Landen slept

Vincent slept on the bottom bunk. (nobody slept on the top bunk because we didn't want any broken bones from boys falling out of bed!)

Cruz slept in the pack n play

 Jacob slept on the couch bed

and Ryan and I had the Queen bed in the front. And the bed was really comfortable! (so much nicer than sleeping in a tent!)

Saturday morning

Cruz loved watching out of the window seeing all the dogs being walk through the campground

Cinnamon Rolls were on the menu for breakfast

I'm always telling Ryan to take more pictures because I'm usually the only one who grabs the camera so I'm never in the pictures just always behind the lens.  So the one time Ryan takes pictures this weekend was of me being silly with Cruz's pacifier. Nice. Ryan, nice.

We went out exploring.  We were on the hunt for bears and we found two!

The kids rode their bikes and walked down by the river

snack time!

We drove back down the hill for Vincent and Landen's soccer game in the afternoon (leaving Cruz to nap with Grammie and Grandpa)

When we got back it was time to get dirty again and throw rocks in the river

 The boys helped Grandpa carry firewood

Look at the DIRTY face

Of course after dinner it was time for Smores!

and a BATH! These kids were filthy. But I LOVED having a bath to bathe them in!

We loved our first trip in our trailer! Such a cozy home away from home!

And Sunday morning, all the kids piled in bed with Ryan and I to watch some cartoons together.  And it happened to be sprinkling outside that day too. I could have stayed there all day, listening to the rain while camped in the middle of nature with happy kiddos.

This kid had an awesome weekend. So much so he crashed during the short ride home.

We will have MANY MANY MANY more memories in that trailer.  And our first trip was a great way to start out making them!!

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  1. Welcome to the world of Glamping. Camping in a RV is so much more fun than tenting, Enjoy your family times, many memories to come in the future.