Thursday, August 20, 2015

A missing piece

Well the second part of our summer was definitely missing something!  Ryan reported to his shift July 21st and didn't end up making it home until yesterday August 20th.  The worst part is, he missed so many fun things while he was gone including the two week visit with my brother and his family from Wyoming.

We packed in a lot of FUN while Jess and Heather were here.  We went to Roller Towne (which by the way, 4 years old is a little too young to skate) but my nephew had fun!  And we did mini-race cars and bumper boats at Adventure Park

The kids jumped right in on beating up my brother "Uncle Jess".  Cruz and Chloe meeting for the first time was the cutest.

Vincent, Landen and Jacob spent one of the night at my moms (where Jess and Heather were staying) and then in the morning they had a backwards party.  They wore their clothes inside out and ate their breakfast under the table.

We went to the Island Waterpark in Fresno.  

I bought a waterproof disposable camera and was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in the pictures.  Such horrible quality. What a waste of money.  But, I guess horrible pictures are better than no pictures at all.

Thats me if you cant tell. ^^^

The boys did great! They weren't afraid of anything and did so many rides!  I was proud of them.  It was an awesome day! Not too hot and not too busy. 

Vincent and Landen also finished up their very first summer of swim lessons.  They were tadpoles and graduated from their class so next summer they will be frogs.

I'm pretty sure their teacher is laughing at Landen and at how crazy he was waving at me while I tried to sneak and take some pictures.  He saw me and didn't hesitate to yell "hi mom!" at the top of his lungs.

Cruz and Jacob were my sidekicks everyday during swim lessons.  Sipping on a water bottle and sharing a bag of gold fish.  It was HOT most days but at least we had shade to sit under.

We went to a Rawhide baseball game.  My brother, my sister and I did the dizzy bat game out on the field.  Luckily my parents, Stephen and Heather were too busy showing the kids where we were and what we were doing that they all forgot to take a picture or video it.  So hah! NO PROOF that we were making fools of ourselves :)  I do have proof we were at least at the game with this cutie

Ryan sent the most beautiful flowers to me at work.  "I miss you" flowers.  Thank goodness for the internet and allowing my husband the capability of ordering these for me even while sleeping under the stars.

While my brother and his family were out here in California, we had professional family pictures taken.  I can't wait to see all of the final pictures.  During the photo shoot these two cuties were caught hangin' out.  Jacob and Chloe.

And a behind the scenes shot of what it took to get Cruzie boy to smile.

My nephew is born in August and my niece is born in September, and my mom's birthday is in August as well so we had a joint celebration for the 3 of them.  My Aunt and Uncle and Grandma made the trip to Visalia and they brought my cousin's twins Tevor and Austin with them.  We swam, had water balloon fights, played some Wii and opened presents.

For my mom's gift, I made this wooden sign with all the grandkids names on it  (with room to add more of course!)

It was so special spending time with the so-cal family.

My other nephew on Ryan's side of the family also has an August birthday.  Ryan missed his 49er themed birhtday party (which he probably would have worn a Raider jersey to).  Ryan being gone didn't keep the boys and I from celebrating!  Happy 8th to Ethan!! And Cruz had enough cake for 3 people I'm sure!

Ryan also missed the boy's first official day of preschool.  They LOVE it! We had our first homework packet to work on this week.  It's due tomorrow.  Vincent loves working on homework, Landen not so much.  I'm thinking this is a V=H and L=R equation. Do you get it?

And while this month of having no husband at home as slowly passed, my baby has very quickly turned into more of a toddler.  He is growing so fast.  Popping out his 7th tooth this month.  Babbling a ton.  He can sign please and more.  He LOVES to wave "hi" and "bye" to everyone.  He's already a little ornery and he likes to hide and then jump out and scare me and he likes it when I do the same to him.  He loves playing with cars just like his older brother Landen.  And he knows how to put his laundry into the laundry basket! (next step, starting the washer and dryer....j/k)

 I just think he's so cute, and well, I'm his mom so I get to say that!

 He won't be fitting in his crib like this for much longer. ::sniff sniff::

Please keep Ryan and all the firefighters out there battling the thousands and thousands of acres that are currently burning in California.  Ryan returns to work Tuesday and will more than likely head back out onto a big fire.  We are also praying for Hume Lake.  A place so near and dear to our hearts.  I grew up attending camps there, our family camped there annually and I even worked there for a few months.  God has always had a plan for that place and I know he still does.  Regardless of this fire season's outcome, thousands of people have come to know that Lord because of its existence and that in and of itself is a purpose fulfilled.  We would love for that purpose to continue.  We will pray on.

There is still part 3 to our summer! We are holding on to that SUMMER even though the kids have already started school :)