Sunday, July 5, 2015

"We're in the Forest!"

Family camping! and because it was TENT camping we left Cruz with my in laws.  He is just not at ideal camping age.  We missed him tremendously while we were gone but the boys had a BLAST getting dirty and playing in God's beautiful backyard. 

At the start of our trip we were on our way towards the mountains and the hills started getting higher around us.  This is what we were seeing

and the boys were saying things like "wow! look at those trees!" "Look at that big mountain!"  "We are in the forest mom!" "I can't wait mom! Can't wait to sleep at camping!"  It was hilarious to hear how excited they were.  I was like, just wait boys, just wait.  You haven't seen big trees yet.  Wait until you see the great sequoia trees.

The boys were in heaven when we got there.  Our campsite had a huge stump they loved climbing on.

The perfect camping dinner.  Hot dogs!

and stacked fruit of course

Here they are sitting and waiting for "God to turn off the lights" so they could go to sleep in the tent.

 In the meantime we roasted marshmallows 

and made s'mores.

Ryan brought glow sticks for the boys.  They loved carrying them around and exploring while the sun was going down.

Our first night in the tent! It was late for the boys (9:00) and early for us but we were so tired so we all went to bed at the same time.  Made for a nice quiet bedtime, can't really goof off when your parents are in the same tent as you!

The next morning we ate breakfast and killed some time playing games.

Then we headed to Hume Lake for the day. ** I want to clue some people in to why you should have "alot" of kids.  They help carry!! It is great! The older they get, the more they can do.**

Those crazy boys got in the water!  It was cold.  But they didn't mind. 

Well, Landen thought it was cold.  He would only swim for a few minutes and then get out and dry off, go back in and then get out and dry off.

We ate lunch there on the shore of the lake.

And then headed to the general store there at Hume Lake Christian Camps and got the boys their first Icee.  They thought it was the best thing ever!  

Icee mustache!

We had dinner back at camp and just after we finished up the camp ranger was going around telling every one about a bird show that was taking place at the amphitheater.  So we headed that way and we got to see a Red Tailed Hawk, a Great Horned Owl, and a Screech Owl.  It was a little too much information overload for the boys to really understand but they loved seeing the birds.  We got to see them very close up.

We of course made s'mores again the second night.  

And killed time exploring, walking around the campground, finding pine cones and of course throwing glow sticks in the air.

 Camping is only fun if you're good and dirty!!

We found ourself at an RV place in Fresno on our way home.  Ryan has big ideas when it comes to future camping.  And you know what, since I was awake for an entire hour in the middle of the night Saturday night listening to some sort of animal walking around just outside our tent, I am ALL FOR getting a trailer.

Can't wait to give our boys a childhood of camping trips.  Lots of fun memories to be made.

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