Friday, July 31, 2015

Some People Are Worth Melting For

Olaf has a couple of the best quotes from a Disney movie and I love that Jacob loves him so much.  We had an Olaf birthday party because my handsome boy turned 3 this month!

We didn't have a huge party, just family, but Olaf was well represented in the decorations. Because who can resist a fun snowman in the summer!

We had the usual party meal, PIZZA!

 and I made snowflake jello jigglers.

Since Olaf was sitting on Jacob's cake we put the candle on a cupcake so we wouldn't start any fires.  He made a wish and blew that candle out like a pro

The inside of his cake was bright blue and so delicious

Olaf was also well represented in Jacob's gifts.  Jacob was lovin' it!

I wish this picture wasn't blurry.  Jacob was hoping to get buzz and woody in his present.  He was so excited that his wish came time.

He got this book from his Grandma and Pipa.  We have read it almost every night since.  It is such a cute book.

Vincent and Landen had a hard lesson to learn.  When it's not your birthday you don't get any gifts and you have to sit back and watch the gifts being open by someone else.  They were on top of Jacob the whole time! I was constantly telling them to scoot back and to let Jacob look at his gifts first.  They were so excited that Jacob let them help him open the last gift.

It was a gift from Ryan and I.   These figurines from the Frozen movie.  I made the mistake of referring to them as dolls.  I guess action figures is the term I am supposed to use according to my husband.

After dinner, cake and presents the boys went out and swam in the pool and played outside.  Jacob and his cousin were playing a little game of tug-a-war with a rope and Jacob did a face plant.

He had a nice big bump on his forehead.  But the pain was nothing when Anna and Elsa come to the rescue!

Jacob ended the night wearing his new Olaf pajamas and sleeping on his pillow with his new Olaf pillow case made by Grammie. (and of course he had to have Elsa sleeping with him tucked right under his arm)

In addition to a birthday, our family had something else really fun happen this month.  We bought a travel trailer! The kids are so excited and we all can't wait to take it out for it's first trip. *not sure when that will be yet*
Here it is!....

Before we could park it on the side of our house, we had to get our front flowerbed cemented.  So the trailer could be backed into our space.  That was a fun morning for the boys. They got a front row seat to the action!

I tried to take pictures of the trailer but it's really hard to get good angles of the inside.  But here are a few of the fun features.

A horse shoe table (that makes into a bed)

Swivel tv area.  It's facing the living area / kitchen area now but it can turn around and then face the queen size bed on the other side of the partition.

The kitchen

Towards the back of the trailer is the bathroom and a bunk bed.  Of course all the boys want to be on the top bunk!

We are hoping to head out and camp somewhere labor day weekend!

Last weekend I went to the coast with a bunch of ladies from my MOPS group at church.  I have been chosen for the publicity person on the steering team for our group.  We had a beautiful view of the ocean while we sat and planned out the topics and events for this coming year.  I have been so blessed by this group of women who support, encourage, and set a Godly example of what a mother is.  I can't wait to experience this year and see what the Lord has to teach me as I continue in my 4th year as a mom.  With my publicity job comes a lot of digital designing and I'm having a lot of fun with it! Here is our logo for the year

Currently my kiddos are spending the night at my parents.  My brother from Wyoming and his family just got into town yesterday and will be here for the next week or so.  Lots of memories to be made!  I'm happy the boys get to spend time with their two cousins they don't get to see very often.  I'm sure a few pictures of their visit will make it onto the next blog update.

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