Wednesday, July 15, 2015


How is July half way over already?!  Here is what our summer has been like so far....looking forward to the fun we have still to come in the next few weeks!

Baseball games with my mom, sister and Grandma

Like the photobomber?

Activities at home

I bought these plants in the $1 section at Target

They each got to start one by putting water on the soil and placing the seeds

Then we watered them daily

Jacob endend up with one sprout, Landen had four and Vincent had two.  And then....I killed them! I must not have given them enough sunlight because I'm pretty sure they were getting the right amount of water.  Anyway, instead of a nice little flower blooming, they withered away.  Luckily the boys didn't seem to mind.  I think they thought the sprout was what was supposed grow and that's it.

Our 4th of July was awesome!  Pure joy watching the kids have fun with the fireworks.  Our neighbors were setting off crazy illegals.  I think my kids expectations are going to be way to high in up and coming years.  Vincent even asked...but mom, when is there going to be more up-in-the-air fireworks?  I guess the neighbors weren't lighting them fast enough for Vince.

Vincent and Landen started a summer session at a new school.   Their preschool year at this new school starts the first week of August.  Jacob is staying at the same daycare/preschool near my work, but he moved up into the 3-4 year old class.  And cruz moves up a class this week.  My kiddos are growing up!

Landen had his yearly eye doctor appointment.  I can't believe it has been a year since he got glasses.  His prescription changed a little bit so he's getting new ones.  We stayed with the same plastic frame but in a gray color this time.  Can't wait to see what they look like on him!

special glasses while waiting for his eyes to dilate
Cruz got his first big boy hair cut!  I was sad to see his hair go, but at the same time his long frumpy curly shag of a mess would bother me everyday.  What can I say, I like my boys well groomed.  His hair cut really makes him look more like Landen!

Such a big boy! He sat so still and didn't make a peep

These are some of our favorite pastimes of the summer....

Cruz likes to eat

Jacob loves swimming and playing with his baby brother cruzie boy.

Landen loves lining up all of his cars.  He can play this for hours!

Vincent loves the wii!  He asks to play the "new louie" (a.k.a New Mario Brothers Wii) the minute he wakes up in the morning.  It has been fun watching him improve and figure out how to navigate through that game all on his own.

This is Landen's first drawing of our family.  He colored it at summer school and the teacher labeled each person for him.  My sister made the picture but the teacher couldn't understand who Landen was saying so she wrote "Auntie Alley" instead of Holly.  I can see how those probably sound the same coming from a 4 year old.

And one last picture because I just love this sweet kid and his handsome new haircut

We still have Jacob's birthday, trip to the beach, water slides, hang time with my brother and his family from Wyoming and more camping still to look forward to!

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