Friday, June 12, 2015

Beatin' the Heat

We have kept the momentum of home improvements going a little bit this month.  Ryan and his dad installed some recessed lighting.  It has sure made a huge difference, especially in our living room area


I wish I could say one of our home improvement projects was putting in a pool.  But that just isn't reality for us this year.  We have plans drawn up and ready for when the time is right!! (hopefully and probably next spring)  For now we are enjoying a temporary above ground pool.  We had gotten one last year and it was awesome!! The pump broke at some point and it was hard to keep the water clear but for the most part it cooled us off and we had a ton of fun.  This was our pool last year....

This year we decided to get a little bit bigger pool with *hopefully* a better pump. The boys have been in it everyday since we put it up.

Some days they wear bathing suits but most days they wear underwear.  It serves the same purpose so I'm good with it.  The day I took pictures they are wearing underwear, but I promise, they do own bathing suits!

The pool is tall enough to need a ladder but the boys can reach the bottom and still have their head above water.  And its a perfect depth for me if I stay on my knees.

Vincent and Landen are improving so much on their swimming.  They have to have floaties on if Ryan or I are not in the pool with them.  But if we are swimming too, then we let them take the floaties off.  They love swimming to the bottom and trying to hold their breath.  

And Ryan loves throwing his kids around and seeing how far he can toss them in the air.  The smiles on their faces say they love it just as much.

When daddy isn't in the pool with them they like jumping off the ladder and doing front flips off the ladder.

Cruz has surprised me, as much as he LOVES the bath, he is not a fan of the pool.  I thought he would be a little water fish like Vincent.  I think it's a temperature thing, he doesn't like cold/cool water.  It takes a bit for him to warm up to being in the pool and then he doesn't last much longer than 15 or 30 minutes before he's whining to get out.

and proof that I get in with them too.  (See perfect depth when I'm on my knees)

Vincent is usually the first one in the pool and that last one out.  I was the exact same way when I was a kid.  My family knick named me "Mrs. Limpet" and that will only make sense if you have seen the movie that is reference to. "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" 

I look forward to all of our family nights this summer swimming and splashing the heat away.

Cruz is growing up so fast!  I want to mention his little life right now so I don't forget things about him at this age.

He is 14 months old and looking too much like a little boy these days and not a baby.  So sad.

He got his first "black" eye (fell on a toy)

He likes hanging out naked after a short swim in the pool

He has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth

And since he has teeth he thinks he can brush them like a big boy without help from mom.

He loves his Anden and Anias blankets.  My friend Ciara got me some when I was pregnant with the triplets.  None of the other kids have loved them as much as Cruz does.  For the other boys I used them mainly for swaddling and draping over them for a sun shade.  But Cruz drags them around everywhere and snuggles with them like Linus from peanuts.  I think its the cutest thing.

He is a dare devil.  He tries to run and usually trips over his feet.  Lets his brothers push him around on toys.  Already trying to climb up on the couch and the beds but he can't quite get his leg up high enough.  I caught him trying to use his zebra as a scooter.  (Which is what it is meant to be used as, but not until he is older!) Will he be the first of my boys to need stitches?!? Please NO!

The one thing I am loving the most right now is watching this little guy sleep.  He always looks so comfy in what ever crazy position I find him in.

Ryan has been working the weekend shift for the last year and he just got switched to a new shift this past month!!! yippee!! So what do I do? I ditch him for the weekend. I am leaving tomorrow!  haha, Sorry Ryan! I had the kids every weekend by myself for a year straight.  Now its your turn!!  And I will do it again for a weekend next month. ^insert evil laugh muahahaha.  But seriously, we are loving the fact that we have a little bit more of a "normal" work schedule and we can do things as a family on the weekends now.  Just more fun summer memories to make....that I will soon have up on the blog I'm sure.  

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