Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I have been waiting 6 years for this!

In 2008/2009 we got to experience the excitement of watching our home being built from the ground up!  When we were house shopping we went into the model home of this actual floor plan we ended up purchasing.  In that model home they had this beautiful wood flooring laid on the diagonal following the angle of the fire place.  It was gorgeous!!  I fell in love with it...UNTIL...the design showcase personnel told us it was a $25,000 upgrade! uuuuhem, excuuuuse me?!  We knew we could have it put in for much cheaper than that. So that was not on our list of upgrades!
Of course when we moved into the house Ryan says...but this carpet is brand new! Why tear it out? He said we needed to get use out of this first before we replaced it.  Fast forward 6 years and 4 kids later...our carpet was trashed.  We hadn't upgraded the carpet or the padding underneath so it was done, just done. 

Notice the matted down wear pattern around the corner

We had carpet in the DINNING room! Like under the table where we eat three meals a day.  With 4 kids who are just learning how to use utensils!! That's a lot of food stains! (and a lot of spot cleaning on my part!)

So now came the day, FINALLY, that we would be getting those wood floors I fell in love with so long ago! We purchased a hand scraped engineered hardwood from a local wholesaler.  Ryan did the demo work.

Out came the base boards

Out went the linoleum (which we didn't upgrade since we knew this day would come.  I picked the best out of the 4 options we had and it was still kind of ugly.  So happy to see that leave!!!)

Out went the carpet


My coworker's dad laid our flooring as a side job so it took him two weekends and it was done in stages.  We had to shift our life depending on what part of the floor was done.  My house has been a wreck for the past 3 weeks and it's finally almost back to normal.

We had to move all the furniture out onto our patio.  And the kids had several meals on their little table amidst the mess.

Since it was being laid on the diagonal based on the fire place he of course made that the starting point and worked his way towards the kitchen.

This as far as he got on the first day.

Then I lived with my house like this for 5 days during that first week.  The kids ate in the kitchen.

Then he finished the kitchen and the laundry room

The 3rd day he moved into the entry way

While everything was moved out of the hallways, I got this crazy idea to paint since the baseboards were out and all.  I have never 100% loved the hall color we painted when we first moved in.  It was supposed to be a light tan color but in certain lights it has a pink hint to it and so I saw the opportunity to change that.  I picked out a light gray and started at it.

I got the walls painted and in certain lights it looked light blue!!! Ack!!  I was texting some good friends of mine, and they agreed that it looked blue but they gave me the name of a gray to try and so I rushed to the store and repainted with the new gray.  It turned out MUCH better! I love it.  Thankful for honest and experience friends!!

This is the last part of the hallways. He was finished laying the wood!

Ryan, with the help of his Dad, installed the new baseboards and it all finished out beautifully!


 I know people tell me with a darker wood floor you will see dust more and footprints all the time.  But after living a week with that "problem" versus the matted down stained carpet....I do NOT regret the dark wood for a second! It looks beautiful even when it's a little dusty :)

Here is a couple close up picutres of the hand carved distressed wood.  I have found the first ding in the floor!! I told Ryan what general area it was in.  He looked and looked and he couldn't find it!  Because you know why?! I looks like it belongs to the distressed look of the floor!  Nothing a little brown sharpie can't fix!  I'm sure my kids will add some more "distressed" areas in the years to come and I'm perfectly okay with that.

***disclaimer, I don't really think any of these pictures show what the floor truly looks like in person.  The flash makes them look orangey.  I have never really liked this floor in pictures but I LOVE it in person***

Now onto the next home improvements!! (I have a list that keeps growing and growing.  If only it didn't cost money to check them off that list!)


  1. It looks wonderful Heidi. I have never seen wood laid on the diagonal in a hallway and its very nice that way. I have a question though. What's the purpose of the painters tape on the floor in the hallway picture?

    1. The tape keeps the floor from shifting and planks from spreading apart while the glue underneath is drying. He had me keep the tape on for the first 24 hours. Especially since we were walking on the flooring right away. I tried to avoid walking on it as much as possible but sometimes it was unavoidable.