Monday, April 13, 2015

Why are they still wearing Pull Ups?

Vincent and Landen are 4 years old and still wearing pull ups at night....and still waking up with pee in their pull ups in the morning.  I've talked to some people (including my pediatrician) that say it is completely normal, every child's bladder is different, give them time and wait until they start waking up dry consistently before bothering with putting them in underwear.  Then I hear the opposite from other moms saying not to put them in pull ups at all, they should be able to go all night by now.  I was left wondering, can they really not go all night without peeing or are they peeing in the pull up out of convenience.  No more pull ups would really save us some money! But I don't want to push them if they aren't ready OR do umpteen loads of bedding laundry.  So the past two nights I have had them in underwear and have taken them to go pee when I go to bed at 11:00 (about 3 hours after their bedtime) and then I set the alarm around 3:00 to take them again.  Both mornings they have woken up dry.  I don't know how long I will have to be getting them up in the middle of the night but for now I'm going to try it.  It's worth a shot.  I also made this chore chart for them that includes a "no pee in underwear" line so they can get rewarded for dry mornings.

Before you think I have a ton of time on my hands to create that chart, think again. (that is so not the case.) It was a free download from  I just added the words and pictures. So far it is a hit!   I think I can ask a million moms, what should I do? Am I doing the right thing? But ultimately I have to do what works for our family.  And right now, this is what we are doing to try and get these 4 year olds night time potty trained. (this could totally change in a couple weeks when I get tired of getting up in the middle of the night, especially if I'm not seeing some improvement.)

On a funner note! (if that's even a word)

....This was our Easter....

Ryan had to work but we still had a fun and busy day.

Church in the morning...

Then to my in-laws for some yummy food and fun with cousin Ethan.  They live out in the country, a.k.a. a little boy's dream.  They had fun jumping on the trampoline

Eating yummy food

....and yummy cupcakes with Auntie Candy

They had an Easter egg hunt and Ethan found the GOLDEN egg.

They were more concerned with opening each egg as they found them, rather than trying to collect as many as they could first.  They are still egg hunt rookies. 

Then we headed to my parents for another egg hunt and a ham dinner.

To say they had a few eggs is an understatement!

At one point after dinner, I found this little boy curled up under a blanket reading one of the books in Grammie and Grandpas collection.  He just looked so peaceful and content, it made my heart happy.

I sure did miss my husband throughout the day.  But being with family all day, and especially these 4 little boys made it a great Easter! I'm so grateful for the sacrifice the Lord made for me and my family. He has risen! He has risen indeed!

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