Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cruzie Boy

Well, It looks like having 4 kids has caught up to me.  I didn't post any pictures last month.   I honestly didn't take very many pictures either.  And I was feeling guilty about how little I am taking of Cruz at this age until I went to put this post together and realized I have plenty of moments captured that portray Cruz perfectly.  What a little love bug he is.

I may be too busy to keep up with this blog as good as I want to, but I must say I am grateful for what I do post.  I had a scare last weekend when my computer wouldn't start up.  I immediately thought about all the pictures I would loose if my computer was done for.  And then I found a little (very very little) comfort in knowing that I at least had the pictures that I posted on my blog.  Luckily my computer is fixed and we have an external hard drive on order so I don't have to experience another mini meltdown again the next time my computer decides to act up.  Which I hope is never.

This is our Cruzie Boy at 10 and 11 months old.  

He is full of grins and wide mouthed smiles.  If you put a blanket or pillow next to his face he leans into it and snuggles his face.  He is an excellent sleeper (except for at daycare, sometimes he decides 30 minutes is a long enough nap there)

He can walk with the help of his walker or his push zebra.  He is just now standing up in the middle of the floor and can hold it for a good 30 seconds before he falls down.  He will be walking soon, quite possibly by his first birthday.

 He is still very much in love with sticking his tongue out.  He keeps it out while he baby babbles so it sounds like La La La.  He says da da more than ma ma....I'm working on changing that!

The weather has been so nice.  We have spent beautiful afternoons and evenings enjoying our backyard.  One afternoon I stuck Cruz in the bouncer while I was watering the grass with the sprinkler.  He loved getting wet and watching the older boys run around.

Cruz loves bath time.  Most of the time he takes a bath with his older brothers, but on rare occasions he gets the bath all to himself.  Every time I take him out to dry him off he cries, no matter how long or short the bath was.  Bath time is never long enough for that boy.  I have a feeling he is going to be in heaven this summer swimming in the pool.

I love this next picture because you can see his current teeth condition.  He has the bottom two obviously and then the top two you can barely see peaking through those gums.

None of my other boys had what they call "the evening witching hour"  But oh man Cruz does!  During the 5 o'clock hour, while I'm trying to get dinner ready, he is usually and whiney crying mess.  Not every evening but I would say 75% of the time he is during that hour only.  So I've come up with a few things to keep him busy while I'm in the kitchen.

Johnny Jump up

Playing in the dishwasher

Playing with tupperware, spatulas, anything I can hand him while I'm cooking.  I'm grateful that, other than that one hour, he is a pretty happy-go-lucky kid.

We are ready for EASTER!!

 and then Cruzie's Carnival Birthday Bash

*oh and I should add that I am really trying hard to convince Ryan to let me cut his hair.  I have lost that battle two months in a row now.  I have to respect his wishes but that's not going to keep me from trying to wear him down.  It is true, Cruz's little curls are kind of cute, but sometimes his hair just looks like an uncontrollable mess.  Maybe we can cut it for his first birthday?! What do you think Ryan? huh?*

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