Sunday, March 1, 2015

Four under 4 no more

Well I can no longer say I am a mom to 4 kids under the age of 4.  I really liked getting those crazy looks from strangers.  I'm sure I'll still get them when I say I have 4 kids under 5.  And I can't believe I have been a mom for 4 years already.  Those 4 years went by a lot faster than the 4 years I had to endure high school.

It is amazing how much growth happens for these kiddos in just one year.  They continue to be such great friends and I'm so happy they always have a buddy wherever they go.

 Vincent is our imaginative and creative little dude who doesn't require a whole lot of sleep.  He rarely takes naps these days but that makes him nice and tired by bed time that he's usually knocked out within 15 minutes of lights off.  He has the cutest little giggle and loves to be tickled.  He has just adopted a routine when he gets dropped off at school or church; He needs a kiss, then a hug, and then a hand shake. He LOVES helping me in the kitchen.  Even if its just bringing the plates and cups to the table.  "mommy, I be a big helper"  We love our little stinker who we like to call "Vinny Bob-a-rino"

Landen is our energetic, can't slow down, talks a-mile-a-minute little dude.  This kid keeps us on our toes.  He is so smart and doesn't miss a beat.  He loves his cars and is always carrying a bag of cars around with him where ever he goes.  He over dramatizes everything!  I will tell him to do something and right away it's "I can't!" or "It's too hard" while he collapses to the floor.  I just have to remind him that he is a big boy, a FOUR year old! They CAN do anything if they try and then he is totally amazed and proud of himself when he can indeed, do it.  You know, because picking up the puzzle he just built is soooo hard!  We love this little dimpled smiley kid we call "Fresh"

 Every year, on or around their birthday we take them to Karissa's grave.

I haven't really mentioned Karissa to them much up until a couple of months ago.  I was working on some scrapbooking and they saw the page layout of Karissa's funeral.  They were asking about it and I started to tell them about her. I of course started crying a little bit and Vincent pointed to my tears and said "mommy, what are you doing?" Before I could respond Landen said "Vincent, I think he is sweating"  (to Landen everyone is a "he") This comment made me laugh and then they moved on to asking about other pictures that were on a stack.  The next morning at the breakfast table Vincent says "mom, you was sad because our sister was dead"  just stated so matter-of-fact.  I said, ya bud, does that make you sad too, he thought about it for a couple of seconds and then said "ummm, NO".  Well there you have it. The compassion of 4 year old.  They don't know any better.  They know Karissa is their sister and that she is "dead" as they put it, but to understand what being a triplet means and that she was born sleeping will take a little bit yet.  I have a feeling in the next year or two her name will be apart of more conversations around here and I welcome that.  They will know how special they are and how special she was.

It was so sweet, when we went to leave that day, Ryan said "say bye to your sister" and Vincent bent down and placed his hand on her grave and gave it a little rub. I pray that someday he fully understands that she isn't really there but that she's in Heaven with Jesus and that we will ALL get to see her some day.

While we were out that day we stopped at the park.  We had to have a little bit of fun mixed in with the heaviness of taking them to the cemetery.   I just love taking pictures of the boys having fun.  I hope they remember these times, playing in the park as a family.

 I really have 5 boys....this big kid is included in the count...

 Vincent and Landen's birthday was on a monday but we didn't have a party for them until Friday.  They were so patient, waiting for the day that they would get cake and presents!  We just had a small party with only family but I still had a theme because well it's still a party!  My boys love the despicable me movies.  Minions it is!

I always put a "K" somewhere on their cake and make sure she is included too.

What 4 year old doesn't like a party?!?! BUT what 4 year old likes to hold still and take pictures?....these don't look like fake smiles do they?

I made a purple spiral cake that used over two cans of was DELICIOUS!

They loved it when we sung happy birthday to them and they said they made a wish when they blew out the candle.  I wonder what it is a 4 year old wishes for.

I made a "pin the goggles on the minion" game.  It was just my boys and my nephew Ethan but they had fun playing. 

I would say presents were their favorite part of course!

Cruz kept himself occupied during the party or he was being entertained by an aunt or a grandparent.   The youngest has to be a trooper and go-with-the-flow in order to survive the chaos.

The boys busted out the hungry hungry hippo game they got from Uncle Jess and Auntie Heather.  We just had to make sure Cruzie boy didn't get a hold of the little balls from that game.

We had a blast celebrating our two oldest.  Time is flying by.  We love these boys so much.  This was the best family picture from the night...

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