Sunday, February 15, 2015


I'm going to be honest and admit that I hated this movie when it first came out in the theaters in 2013.  I hadn't seen it yet but I hated it.  People were posting on Facebook and saying things like "if you have a daughter, you need to take her to this movie".  Not only did those comments leave out all of the "boy moms" out there but it sent me into a sad time of imagining life with Karissa here and then grieving the fact that she indeed wasn't here.  So for a long time I was bitter towards anything Frozen.

A few weeks after Cruz's arrival, my Grandma came to help out for a few days and she insisted on buying Frozen for the boys.  She said it was "such a cute movie" and she wanted to buy it for us while she was here visiting.  I couldn't tell her not to or that I despised the movie, so I smiled and said thank you.  I tried playing it for the boys that day and right after the opening song they lost interest. So I turned if off.  I tried playing it for them again a couple weeks later, this time they lasted a little longer, but maybe 10 minutes into it they were off playing with their toys.  So I put the movie away again.  Months went by, summer was ending and the boys started going to their new preschool.  One day they came home asking to watch Frozen.  They must have heard about it or watched it at school.  Well from that day on, Frozen has been one of the most requested movies in our house, especially by Jacob.  It's the only movie they know the words to.  And they love acting out the moves to the song Let it go.

While some might classify it as a "Girl" movie.  My BOYS love it and I think it's the cutest thing ever.

They start with socks on their hands as "Elsa gloves"

At some point she takes the glove off so they do too.

Vincent runs and gets a cape on when he hears the song starting.  

At one point Elsa takes off her does Vincent.

They are pretending to hold their crowns just like Elsa

Let it Go!

This particular night, when I had my camera out, just Jacob and Vincent were into it but Landen joins in sometimes too.

Landen can't say Sven so he says Kristoff and "Sten"

Jacob loves the movie the most and requests it the most.  He has his own "O-waf" undies.  

 I'm looking forward to his birthday in July because, you guessed it, it will be "Frozen" themed!! Jacob has requested Olaf, Anna and Elsa on his cupcakes.

But first I have to get through Vincent and Landen's Birthday and then Cruz's 1st birthday bash!  I've been spending way too much time on Pinterest.

That's where I got this cute idea for Vincent and Landen's Valentines for school.  Even though they were a little under the weather they were still able to make it to the cookie decorating party in their class.

 And just because I want this documented on my blog and because I finally got a picture of it....Cruz's only two teeth so far....

How is February already half way over?!?!

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