Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Cruzin" Through 9 Months

***All of Cruz's 9 month pictures were taken by Becca from Becca and Her Camera. I love her work and appreciate having this time documented in beautiful photography***

This little boy is 9 months old and boy is he active.  He is the baby of 4 boys but he can hold his own amongst the craziness!

He is crawling, and crawling fast!  He was born with an airway that was on the small size.  He used to make a snoring/wheezing sound all the time.  He has grown out of that a little bit but when he's crawling it causes him to breathe faster and harder so he makes a raspy sound when he's crawling around.  I love it because I always hear where he is and when he is on the move.

At 8.5 months old he got is first tooth.  It was very slow coming out and is still just barely showing through the gums.  And now he has his second one coming up right next to it.  Luckily, teething isn't affecting him too much!  He still sleeps solid at night but he tends to be clingy sometimes so I try to stay out of his view so he stays playing nicely with the boys.  As soon as he spots me, I can't escape without him chasing me down.

Cruz is still my little "Happy Junior"  full of smiles.  He is pulling himself up on furniture and his activity table.  He is still a little cautious when going from standing back down to sitting but he's starting to get more comfortable on his feet.  He just started "walking" in the walker outside.  He can move fast!! but totally not controlled, he just leans forward on the walker and plows forward as fast as he can go.

This cutie patootie is 23 and a half pounds and 31 inches.  Hubba hubba.  He is off the charts in height and in the 94th percentile in weight.  He is definitely trying to catch up to his other brothers.  

Cruz isn't too attached to his pacifier.  He rarely has it during the day.  He takes it when he goes to sleep but even then he doesn't need it to fall asleep.  Which is great because he never cries in the middle of the night because his pacifier fell out!!  Vincent and Landen were so attached to theirs, that when we took them away they became attached to their lovies instead.  So my parents had gotten Jacob and Cruz a lovie too.  I have had pictures taken of all my boys with their lovies around this age while they are still new looking.  Cruz's lovie is a raccoon.

All of my boys have been given nicknames over time.  Cruzie's nickname is G.B. Short for "ghetto booty" He just has a cute big booty :)

Our little GB LOVES bath time.  His favorite thing to do is stand outside of the tub and watch the boys play while he reaches over and tries to get foam letters off the side of the tub.

I would say Cruz has been our BEST sleeper yet.  He is SUPER easy to put down.  He just snuggles with his linen blanket and out he goes.  He is in bed at 8:00.  For about a month there in December he was waking up at 5:45 in the morning!! Like ready to start his day.  Ummmm NO THANK YOU!!! That was when he was taking three naps during the day.  So at the beginning of the year we switched him to two naps a day and BAM, that fixed the issue!! Now he wakes up around 6:30.  I know that's still early, but hey, I will take it!! 10.5 hours solid.  He is usually the first awake and then all the other boys follow between 6:30 and 7.

Being the baby of a busy family of 4 can make you grow up faster. He sometimes lays on the boppy and feeds himself his own bottle. 

He loves playing peek-a-boo at the dinner table

Even at only 9 months old he loves cars.  Well, really just chewing on cars.  One of the many perks of having older brothers, there are plenty of cars around to chew on.

He loves his daddy!! But he's still a momma's boy :)  (All of my boys are momma's boys ;) )

One of the best thing to witness with my kids is the relationship between Jacob and Cruz.  Jacob just loves loves loves his baby brother.  So much so, that I am constantly having to tell him to leave Cruz alone, get out of Cruz's face, don't pat his back so hard,...etc.  

Let me help you get in the bouncer Cruzie Boy
Let me lift your bottom up for you
Let me push this pacifier in for you
There you go Cruzie Boy
Just sittin' next to my buddy Cruz
I love my little Valentine. Thank you Becca for the cute pictures. We're Looking forward to celebrating this little guy's first birthday in a few months! Popcorn and cotton candy here we come!

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