Saturday, January 17, 2015

Camp Snoopy Welcomes The Holguin Boys

This is the second time we have taken advantage of the discount Knott's Berry Farm gives to Firefighters.  Our grand total to get into the park was $52 bukaroos.  We went on a Thursday and it was FABULOUS!! Hardly anyone in the park.  We walked onto almost every ride.

I made these shirts for the boys (using my silhouette cameo machine....I fall more and more in love with that machine every time I use it for a project)

When we walked into the park Snoopy was right there ready to great everyone.  He pointed at the boys' shirt with excitement.  Snoopy approved!

This is the first ride they went on.  Ryan and I were a little nervous about how Jacob would handle the ride.  I think you can tell by his face....he LOVED it! (I think it helped having older brothers...he wants to do everything they do)

The weather was beautiful and like I said, hardly anyone there.

We rode ride, after ride, after ride.

Hardly any one on the ride!!!

Ryan couldn't hold back his excitement.

We took a little break to eat lunch and were ready to explore more of the park.  As we were walking around this little guy just couldn't hang.  He was a crying mess so we laid his stroller seat down, gave him a couple blankets and out he went.

So while Jacob napped, I took Vincent and Landen back through Camp Snoopy (the kid section)  We repeated a bunch of rides we rode in the morning.

While we were walking around Landen says "I spot Snoopy!!"  I said lets go say hi!  No one was around so he took Vincent and Landen on a personal tour of his dog house.  They were so excited!

We had made our way back around to the roller coaster the boys had ridden with Ryan earlier that morning.  Landen wanted to go so we walked right up (no line) and when we got to the cart Vincent said he didn't want to go.  So I told Landen I had to stay back with Vincent but he could go by himself if he wanted.  He said OK! and hopped right in!  It kind of took me by surprise.  He had no hesitation whatsoever.  He asked the guy to help him with his buckle and then there he sat, waiting with his hands in the air ready for the ride to start.  He looked so little in that cart.  But he was acting like such a big boy.

They all liked putting their hands up on the rides (even Ryan joined in the fun)

Later in the afternoon, my cousin Chelsey met up with us (she lives in the area and has season passes)  Her two kids are just a couple months younger than Jacob.  We went on a couple of rides with them.  And then headed to Farrells nearby for dinner.  That restaurant was so much fun.  Noisy and alot of singing from the waiters.  Would be a great place to celebrate a birthday.

As soon as they were done with the forced smiles and "cheeeeeese"  for the camera, they all turned around to play in the water because that is soooo much more fun than taking a picture!

It was a great day!! What fun to see pure joy on my children's faces.  And a special thank you to my Grandma for letting us stay at her house and for watching Cruz while we were in the park her day was just as exhausting as ours.

Flashback to two years ago..... I'd say they had a better trip this time around.

We will probably see you again next year Knott's Berry Farm!