Saturday, November 29, 2014

Catching Up With Captions

October and November have flown by! I want these pictures on my blog but it would take forever to write about each one, so a short caption will have to do.  

Two months worth:

Cruz napping in his crib
Jacob entertaining his brother

Cruz being cute
Daddy taking the boys on a bike ride...

Landen did a face plant off his bike into some rose bushes

Eating mum mums and learning how to put food in his mouth
Taking blurry selfies with Cruzie boy
Learning how to line up dominos
Cruz still sticking his tongue out
Sleeping in his crib at night in his shared room with Jacob
Play time with Daddy (and sticking that tongue out)
I LOVE finding my kids in funny sleeping positions
How about this one?! YOGA!!
Fun at home projects
Cruz started taking his baths in the big tub

Squeaky clean
Halloween jam jams (and that tongue!!)
Play Doh time....their favorite!
I look tired! hah!
The minion is his baby
Sitting up like a big boy
Wearing 9-12 month size clothes
Went to the movies with our friend Major (Penguins of Madagascar) 
I had Thanksgiving lunch with Jacob at his school (Ryan was with V and L)
Thanksgiving with the Holguin clan
We are ready for Christmas!!!

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