Saturday, November 29, 2014

Catching Up With Captions

October and November have flown by! I want these pictures on my blog but it would take forever to write about each one, so a short caption will have to do.  

Two months worth:

Cruz napping in his crib
Jacob entertaining his brother

Cruz being cute
Daddy taking the boys on a bike ride...

Landen did a face plant off his bike into some rose bushes

Eating mum mums and learning how to put food in his mouth
Taking blurry selfies with Cruzie boy
Learning how to line up dominos
Cruz still sticking his tongue out
Sleeping in his crib at night in his shared room with Jacob
Play time with Daddy (and sticking that tongue out)
I LOVE finding my kids in funny sleeping positions
How about this one?! YOGA!!
Fun at home projects
Cruz started taking his baths in the big tub

Squeaky clean
Halloween jam jams (and that tongue!!)
Play Doh time....their favorite!
I look tired! hah!
The minion is his baby
Sitting up like a big boy
Wearing 9-12 month size clothes
Went to the movies with our friend Major (Penguins of Madagascar) 
I had Thanksgiving lunch with Jacob at his school (Ryan was with V and L)
Thanksgiving with the Holguin clan
We are ready for Christmas!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Super Hero Tags

My boys don't really watch anything super hero related. I mean they know what the batman symbol looks like but that's as much as they know.  The closest thing they watch that is super-hero-ish is Super Why on PBS.  Which is about super hero kids who learn how to read and spell.  When I asked them if they wanted to be a super hero for halloween they said "ya!!!!! I'm going to be Super Why!" I told them I was going to make them masks and capes. But they don't call them capes they call them tags (I guess it reminds them of a clothing tag? idk) Anyway, Vincent requested a purple "tag"  I of course roped my mom into helping me with these, but I tried to do as much of it on my own as I could.

I got all of the fabric for $44 I thought that was pretty good for 6 capes and masks! Comes out to less the $8 each.

I took everyone's measurements and then my mom made patterns out of tissue paper, because she is awesome like that....and I would have never thought to do it that way.

Then I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out masks, lightening bolts, and our initials.

I had to iron the fabric to an interface first and then place it on my cutting mat

I ironed the lightening bolts on first

Then my mom sewed around them (because lets be honest....I am a rookie seamstress and sewing around a shape is an advanced skill)

Then I ironed the letters on and my mom sewed around those.

She returned the capes to me so I could sew the fronts to the backs (right sides together)

I did the same thing to the masks (I added a little bit of lining...or whatever the correct term is for that type of fabric that adds some thickness to it. batting? maybe?)

You sew right sides together and then turn them....

I did Cruz's first.  It was seriously so difficult!! My mom happened to be stopping by and I showed her my work and that it took me FOREVER just to do one mask and she said "you want me to just take the rest home with me and I can finish them for you?"  ummm yes please!! You don't have to twist my arm!  I should have made my mom a mask and cape too....she rescued me once again from a sewing project I attempt to do by myself. MY hero!

She also sewed where the eye holes would be and then cut out the centers.

Annnnnd she finished the capes by sewing a nice straight seam along the outer edges for me...because I can't sew a straight line to save my life.  So I guess looking back my mom did pretty much 75% or maybe more of the sewing.  But At least I tried!!! And I do feel like I did a lot more sewing for this project than I have done in the past. So I'm improving!

Cruz did GREAT keeping his mask on!! It was Jacob who didn't want anything to do with having the mask over his eyes.  He wanted to wear it on the top of his head instead.

Halloween night we stopped by a coworker of mine's house to see all of her cool halloween decorations

Then we headed to the carnival at our church...My sister went with us and she carried Cruz in the ergo while Ryan and I played games with the other boys.  They had so much fun and got way too much candy. 

Super heros on the loose!

We trick-or-treated a couple of our neighbors houses when we got home but the weather was crazy and started raining shortly after 8:00.

The day before halloween we carved pumpkins.  And by we, I mean Ryan and I.  As fast as I was taking seeds out of Vincent's pumpkin, Jacob was putting them into his. It was fun and we baked the seeds in the oven so the boys could eat them.

 I carved the top two and Ryan did the bottom two.  Technically Jacob and Vincent's are on the top and Landen and Cruz's are on the bottom.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. It was so nice having the chilly weather this year! I'm already thinking of themes for next year's halloween.