Sunday, September 7, 2014

4 Boys 2 Rooms

I grew up sharing a room with my sister and Ryan grew up sharing a room with 2 of his brothers.  Since sharing is how we grew up we didn't see it as a big deal to have the boys share a room.  It was actually a no brainer to have Vincent and Landen share a room, since they are twins and all.

Jacob had his own room for the first two years of his life but since Cruz came along and he is another boy we figured why not have Cruz and Jacob share a room too! We still have an extra bedroom that is currently our "storage room"  It started out being my scrapbook room but lets be honest here...I don't get much scrapbooking done these days.  Maybe it will turn into a toy room, or a game room or something else, but for now it's a catch all room.  Currently I'm sorting items and clothes for a JBF sale and a garage sale so the room is piled to the max! 

Anyway I did a blog post on Vincent and Landen's firefighter themed room already but that was back when they were still in their cribs.  We turned their cribs into toddler beds and used them like that for about a year and then at the beginning of this year we bought some nice captains beds from IKEA. I found the quilts I liked online, but they were a ridiculous price and then I had to multiply that by two! I showed my mom and she said she could make them for half the price!  I am so thankful for a sew savvy mom! I LOVE how they turned out!

Jacob and Cruz's room is finally done!  I used a lot of things I had in the room from the twins and Jacob but added a lot more gray.  Cruz still doesn't sleep in his crib at night yet....but I have a feeling that will be happening soon.  But he does take most of his naps in there.

This is the picture I have on the short wall when you enter the room....cannot get enough of these 4 little boys.

Jacob is still in his crib.  (He knows how to climb out but he stays in it until I get him out...not sure how long that will last yet but I'm hoping to move Cruz in for the nights before switching Jacobs crib to a toddler bed) 

Both cribs are on one wall.  I kept Jacob's newborn photos on the wall and just added a big "C" and Cruz's newborn photos to it.

I found this nail word idea on pinterest.  (the plaques were originally used for Vincent and Landen's names)

I had found this used green bookshelf/dresser when I was redecorating the nursery for Jacob.  So I just changed some pictures out and added this sweet birth plaque my friend Amy made for Cruz.  AND the blankets on the right were all specially made for Cruz.  White from my Grandma, Light blue from my friend Sandra and darker blue from my friend Stacey.

When I decorated the room for Jacob I used this curtain rod to hang one of the quilts my mom had made for Vincent and Landen (since Jacob would only be using one, I decided to hang the other one on the wall as decoration)  

So instead of taking the rod down, I just changed some things. I added these metal baskets (with their monogram on the sides) and I made a collage of framed wall pieces.

This one was pinterest inspired

"Best Friends"

I prayed for both of these children!!

My sister has done a birth date cross stitch for all of my babies.  So she did Cruz and Jacob's to match since Vincent, Landen and Karissa's all match.

(the coloring on this picture is really weird)

And on the narrow wall next to the closet I have a couple pictures of Jacob and Cruz together.  So sweet to see how much Jacob loves Cruz.  I hope sharing a room only makes their bond stronger.

That is the last time I will be changing that room for a baby!!! Next time it changes will be when the boys are older and need a new "big boy" feel to it

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