Thursday, August 7, 2014

School (Kaweah Kids)

I returned to work this week.  I really do enjoy my job and my co-workers so it is really good to be back!!  I'm back to working part time, but I wanted to put in more than the 18 hours I was doing the last time I worked part time after Vincent and Landen were born.  In order to do that I needed to enroll the kids in some kind of school or childcare so I had more flexibility and options to work.  We ended up putting all 4 boys at Kaweah Kids.  They are located directly next to the hospital (about 70% of the kids that go there have parents who are employed by the hospital).  Vincent & Landen will be going 3 half days a week and Jacob & Cruz will be going 2 half days a week.

These are their pictures on the first day.  I'm anxious to see how these will differ from their first day next year! Kids grow up so fast!

(Jacob's class isn't technically a preschool class but we call it that because he wants to be just like his older brothers)

They were so excited to go and they had so much fun.  Jacob has cried both days at drop-off so far but I think spending the day away from his brothers has been good for him.  They start potty training at 2 at Kaweah Kids so a couple weeks before Jacob started I began potty training him.  He has done awesome!! Still some occasional accidents here and there but for the most part he is doing great!  I am also working on getting Vincent and Landen out of their pull ups during sleep time.  First things first is their nap time.  They are getting stickers and one M&M for every success! They still need some work but at least they are making progress!

Cruz goes to the childcare at Kaweah Kids.  The ladies do such a good job keeping him on his schedule.

Yesterday Vincent and Landen made a crown with foam stickers on it.  Jacob took all of the stickers off and stuck them to Cruz's head.  Vincent said he looked like a girl.  He was such a good sport and smiled at Jacob every time he came over with another sticker for his head.  I think I'm really going to love seeing the projects and pictures that come home with the boys from school.

 School is going to be a great experience for these kiddos and I'm blessed to have a job that still allows me to be home with them two full days a week and half of the day on the other days.