Tuesday, August 19, 2014

He Saves My Sanity

This little man is almost done with his 3rd month of life.  I can honestly say he is still a DREAM baby!  If he were difficult I probably would have lost it by now especially with Ryan being gone two weeks straight this month!  

Like I've done with all my babies, I follow the eat-play-sleep routine suggested in the Babywise book.  It seems to work really well for us! And I like that his schedule makes him pretty predictable.

He just recently started sleeping through the night without needing a feeding! These past few weeks of a full nights sleep have been glorious!  

He has his evening bottle around 8:00.  He is asleep by 9:00 and he will sleep until 6:30 (most of the time I have to wake him up at 6:30 because that's when our day starts around here).  Some mornings, around 5:00 he will stir awake so I just move him to the swing and he falls right back to sleep.  All my babies have been swing babies, but Cruz has kicked the middle of the night swing habit much faster than the other boys did! In the past week I have only had to use the swing for two of the mornings.

Cruz was born with a "dent" in his chest.  The correct medical term is pectus excavatum.  His is not severe and won't physically affect him.  Apparently it is more common in males.  It's always a worry when your child is not "normal"  but I look at the things each of my children have had and I am grateful none of them are serious, debilitating or life threatening.   His dent has not gotten worse nor has he "grown out of it"  I'm curious to see how it develops.

 He is obsessed with his tongue!

He has joined us at the table for meals. Not to eat, but just to hang out.  Although I think we will be trying cereal out this week and see how that goes.

He is such a happy baby and so easy to get a smile out of him.  Becca from Becca and Her Camara took these 3 mo. pictures of him.  She was done with him in less than 10 minutes.  He just smiled away for her.

He loves being lifted up in the air and tickled on his collar bone

Cruz lost most of his top hair during the first month.  It has really been growing back a lot this month and I was finally able to get it up into a faux hawk. (a favorite hairstyle of the Holguin boys)

I think he has the same big eyes as Landen.  Landen would always tear up while drinking his bottle and a little tear would fall down his face while he would eat.  Pretty much every time.  In the past month Cruz is starting to do the same thing! Not every time, but when he does it just reminds me so much of baby Landen.

He is already done with being swaddled and just wears a sleep sack to bed.  He also likes snuggling with a thin Anden & Anais blanket or his lovie to go to sleep.

He doesn't take his pacifier all that well yet. But I still try!! Sometimes it will stay in longer than a minute but most of the time he just spits it right out.  Even though he isn't really fussy to need a pacifier, I hope he grows to like it.  There is just something so cute about a baby and his pacifier.

Look at this cute pout. We all just love him. I can't believe he is almost 4 months old already.  Babies just don't keep! And now I'm pouting!

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  1. Those eyelashes and that smile! He is so handsome!