Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vacation *Barf* Sea World *Barf* The Beach *Barf*

Remember that time I complained only a little bit about Ryan being gone for over week to the San Diego fires, leaving me at home with a newborn and 3 littles?  Well it turns out our family got a little reward for that time, FREE admission to Sea World.  We had been wanting to visit Ryan's sister in Laguna Niguel and see her place with her new hubby Carmelo so we decided how perfect it would be to do both in one trip.

Ryan also had a physical agility test he had to take in the City of Orange on Thursday afternoon so our plan was to leave right when Ryan got home from work Thursday morning. Do Sea World Friday, the beach Saturday and come home Sunday.  My parents were going to watch Cruz while we were gone.

That same week I had signed the boys up for VBS even though they could only go the first half of the week since we would be leaving.  It gave me some down time to pack while they were at church BUT it also gave me another unwanted surprise.....the flu!  Thursday morning at 4:00 a.m. Landen threw up all over his bed.  I got him all cleaned up and situated back in bed.  I layed my head down on my pillow at 4:30 and I hear Vincent start crying.  I go in his room to find that he too has thrown up all over his bed.  I cleaned him up only for him to throw up again because apparantly he wasn't quite finished.  By now it is 5:15.  So I decided to just take a shower myself and start doing any last minute packing. I was debating whether we should go but it was too early for me to call Ryan at work.  At 6:00 both boys threw up again, confirming to me that it was the flu because up until this point I thought maybe it was just something they ate....nope.  I talked to Ryan and he said he needed to go beacuse of that test. 

By 9:00 both boys were acting okay so we were hoping they would sleep in off in the van.  By 10:30 they were all 3 asleep.   It was a nice peaceful ride.  We stopped for lunch.  Vincent and Landen didn't quite have an appetite but that was to be expected.  We got back on the road again only to have Jacob throw up twice in his car seat.  I sang, to myself, in my head "another bites the dust" At this point we were almost to Ryan's testing site. 

Ryan passed his test and we got settled in at Ryan's sister Michelle's house.  We were all tired from the trip (and being up since 4 a.m.), Sea World was in the morning so we crashed early.

Friday we all woke up feeling great! Kids were in a good mood.  Michelle and Carmelo were so sweet and made us breakfast.

We were going to Sea World!!!!  You can't tell by this picture...but the boys were excited I promise. 

We got there right when the park opened. It was 70 degrees and overcast.  Beautiful weather.  Couldn't have asked for a better start to the day.

We thought since the park wasn't too busy yet we would try and get a show in first thing. We got some great seats at the Dolphin Show.

The boys were antsy and anxiously waiting for the show to start....

Their faces at the first glimpse of the dolphins!!

We then went to the Sesame Street themed play area. They had some little kids rides that we all went on.  We sat there in that area to eat our packed lunch.  The boys still didn't have quite an appetite yet so I finished a peanut butter and jelly sandwich they didn't want to eat.  And we went on our way.  Jacob crashed in the stroller while the boys looked at the turtles.

This area seemed like their favorite aquarium spot.

I told Ryan hey, lets lay Vincent and Landen down in the stroller and walk around until they all fall asleep and then we can get one of those big ice creams and share it.  It will be like a mini date in Sea World while they sleep!  They were definitely tired.  Landen took the longest to crash. While we were walking around my peanut butter and jelly sandwich was hitting the bottom of my stomach like a ton of bricks.  Suddenly ice cream didn't sound so good.  We found a spot for me to lay down while Ryan kept the stroller rocking back and forth to keep the kids asleep.  And there we stayed for an hour and a half.  I ended up throwing up a couple of times. 

Once the boys were awake we tried walking around some more but I was just out of it, needing to sit down every time I felt nauseous.  Poor Ryan had to do everything. Push the stroller.  Get the boys in and out to see the animals. Figure out where we were going on the map.

We made it around to the area where the killer whales were. So the boys could at least see Shamu even though we didn't make it to the actual show.  And then we decided to call it a day.  I was feeling miserable.  I wanted so badly to stay for the boys but at the same time I wanted to leave for myself and Ryan.  I was so sad when we decided to leave but Ryan pointed out that at least we didn't pay for admission into the park and the boys got to see a good amount of animals.  So no big deal, so we cut the day short.

We got some souvenirs and left the park by 4:00.  

Jacob and his shark.

I was able to sleep off the rest of the flu and was feeling much better by 8:00 that night.  So the plan was to still make it to the beach the next day.  

We all woke up happy and healthy.....

We packed our lunches and headed to Dana Point Harbor.  There aren't any waves so it is a very kid friendly beach.

"Take a picture of me mom....Cheeeese"

The boys weren't too sure about the sand. But we managed to bury Vincent. He stayed there for less than a minute.

Jacob is always Mr. serious for the camera. (and never without a scrape or bruise on his face.)

The water was really cold but the boys slowly ventured in. Vincent, my water loving fish, stayed in the longest.

We barely made it through lunch without a couple of meltdowns. The boys were sooooo tired.  Between recovering from the flu to a long day at Sea World, they could definitely use a nap and I wasn't about to have them skip for fear of the little monsters they might become.  So we went back to Michelle's house. And get this, this is how tired they were, we set up Jacobs pack-n-play next to Michelle and Carmelo's bed, and put Vincent and Landen next to each other on top of the bed.  And ALL 3 of them were asleep within 5 minutes. All 3 asleep. In the same room. No talking or goofing off.  And there they slept for the next 2 hours! It was heavenly.  

That night, we went to Dave and Busters for dinner and played some arcade games (some for real and some for pretend).

By Sunday morning Ryan started throwing up.  (The day we were going home).  So I had to pack everyone up, drive us home and unpack everything all by myself.  He couldn't have picked a worse day to be sick! And I make fun of him because it really only took me about 10 hours to start feeling better when I had it and for Ryan, it took like 36 hours.  I'm not trying to offend anyone here but men are pansies when they are sick! I was kind of sympathetic but I did make fun of him just a little bit. That's what a wife is for, right?!

During our stay, Michelle learned very quickly that the way to a toddlers heart is through the iPad and cartoons! 

The boys loved staying at Auntie Shell and Uncle Carmelo's house.

**Unfortunately Michelle ended up catching the stomach bug a couple days after we left. And so did my mom who was watching Cruz for the weekend. Luckily Cruz did not get it! **

Here is to hoping our next vacation is sickness free!!

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