Friday, July 25, 2014

The Coast....home of the infamous poop story

Last weekend we took a trip to the coast. It was a sweet little get away.  Cruz was by far the best kid on the trip.  Hardly any crying or fussing.  He is such a go-with-the-flow little guy.

I promise we were not driving with him like this.
I made sure to buckle him in when we got back in the car
We stopped by a Cal Fire fire station on our way into San Luis Obispo.  It never gets old to these kids to explore a fire engine.  What fun it is to have a firefighter for a daddy.

This park in San Luis Obispo was so fun.  Not only because it had a lot of unique things to play on but because the weather was beautiful and the kids weren't miserably hot within seconds like they are when we go to parks back at home.

Snack break!

We got settled into our hotel room.  Cruz and I approved of the bed.  Soft and comfortable.

I knew all of us staying in one hotel room was going to be CRAZY! So I bought a little game to keep the boys occupied while we were in the room.  A Paw Patrol matching game.  Those little cards were EVERYWHERE in that room by the time the weekend was over.  I counted them multiple times to make sure we had them all.

We went to Woodstocks pizza in downtown SLO for dinner.  Woodstocks is a special place for Ryan and I.  Not that particular one though.  There is a Woodstocks in Davis.  Ryan and I would always go when he came to visit me in college.  Now we are married and have 4 boys and we are still enjoying Woodstocks! 

How to tackle bedtime in a hotel room with 4 kids.  We all went to bed at the same time. We agreed on 9:30 as a good time.  Late for them, early for us.  The hotel T.V. only had sponge bob! Not an approved cartoon for my little ones so we kept them entertained with cartoons on the iPad.  Thank goodness for technology!!

This cutie was ready for bed...

Saturday was Beach Day in Pismo.  The boys loved it (except when a wave knocked Jacob over...he wasn't much of a fan of the water after that)  I taught them how to dig for sand crabs.  They found a few sand dollars and spiral seashells.  A kid brought them 3 black crabs to hold, so the boys put them in their buckets.  They didn't want to hold them but they weren't afraid to carry them around on their shovels.

Crab on Landen's shovel

Crab on Jacob's shovel
Cruz took a nice nap in his carrier on the beach.

And the boys never missed a plane flying by.

Cruz sportin' his beach duds....

...including his matching flip-flops

Ryan was in competition with the guy next to us for best sand castle

He definitely lost......

The boys had fun in the sand even if their dad couldn't build a big sand castle!

We packed up our stuff and took a walk by the shops with the boys in the stroller.  They eventually all  fell asleep (I am deathly afraid of what might happen if my kids ever have to skip a nap. Thankfully they all still got a nap in even if it was shorter than normal) Cruz, who I was carrying in the moby wrap even crashed for over an hour.  As we were walking I over heard one person say "wow! look at that stroller, they have 3 kids!... someone else piped in, no 4, look she has a baby in that wrap thing!" as if we cant hear them walking right behind us. Since when did 4 kids become a lot?!

Wouldn't you like to take a snooze up on the pier listening to the waves rolling in?! I was very jealous of my kids at this moment!

When they woke up Ryan treated them to frozen yogurt (this is important to remember when I talk about an event that happens later that day).

Okay lets just talk about it now.  The infamous poop story.  Okay it might not be infamous yet, but I'm pretty sure we will be telling the boys about that one time in San Luis....

After our time in Pismo, we went back to the hotel, showered and went out to eat.  We ate at Denny's, because well, kids eat free!  It was super slow service and by the time we were done eating it was about 7:30.  I suggested we go to a park to let the boys run off some energy rather than go straight to the room and have them run like crazy in our room.  I got the "I'd rather not" look from Ryan but he said "sure, whatever you want to do".  Thank goodness for google maps.  Just searched "nearby parks" and we found ourselves at a nice neighborhood playground.  

We hadn't been there more than 5 minutes and Landen says excuse me Mom!, I have to go poop!  We are in the middle of houses, there aren't any public restrooms around.  So I had him poop while I held a plastic bag for him to aim in.  He successfully went.  I told him "good job"! and sent him on his way to play.  I then turn around to see Jacob grunting by the swings.  He still wears a diaper so no biggie.  And I thought to myself oh good, I remembered to grab a diaper for him before we left the hotel.  As I'm fumbling through the diaper bag to find his size 6 diaper amongst Cuz's size 2's I hear Ryan say "Landen, what are you doing!?"  I look up to see Landen come out from behind the slide with wet jeans!  I told him to sit at the table in time out.  Just then Jacob comes up to me..."mom,...poop" as he always does when he's finished going.  So I change his diaper and then go with him to play by the swings.  After a few minutes I called Landen over...."Landen, why did you get a time out?" He quietly says  Because I pooped and peed in my pants.  I corrected him  "you didn't poop, you just peed" and he so honestly replies back No mom I pooped! I looked and sure enough....runny poop all in his underwear!!  I was beyond frustrated.  The boys never poop their pants!  So Ryan helps me get him cleaned up, throw the underwear away and Ryan runs to the car to get a bathing suit for Landen since that's the only piece of clothing we have with us in the van from earlier that day.  As I'm putting Landen's suit on I turn around to see Vincent haunched over on the picnic table bench. "Vincent what are you doing?!"  He looks at me with teary eyes and a red face.  Sure enough....runny poop in his underwear!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  I cleaned him up and asked him if he was done.  He said no, so he finished going in a plastic bag....kind of like the way we started this whole park experience!  Luckily he hadn't gotten his pants dirty, just his underwear, so I had him wear his jeans commando.   And they were off and playing.  A few minutes go by and Landen comes up to me.....Mom! Jacob has poops!!  Sure enough. Same diarrhea type poop.  Only thing was...I didn't have a second diaper to change Jacob into.  So he had to play the rest of the time in a poopy diaper.  Needless to say I got the "if only we had gone back to the hotel like I wanted to do they would have had a toilet to go in!" conversation from Ryan.  Yay, ya, at least they got most of their energy out.  How was I supposed to know the poop hour was upon us?! 

I really think the frozen yogurt from earlier that day was the tummy trouble culprit.  My boys don't usually have ice cream so I'm thinking that had to be it.  They all 3 had the same diarrhea.

Oh and to finish off the poop night with a bang! We were all cleaned up and ready for bed and Ryan went to go get the iPad that we had left in the van. As he was leaving the room we hear a nice healthy shart from Cruz's direction.  You know, the fart with some nice juice behind it.  All I hear is "are you kidding me?!" from Ryan down the hall as the door shuts to our room. 

Sometimes you just have to laugh.  All 4 kids...have runny poop bowel movements...within a 90 minute period of time.  Needless to say we came back with two less underwear, thankful we hadn't yet attempted to potty train Jacob, and a great story to tell them as they grow up.

Besides who can be mad at such cute faces?!

Sunday we went to Avila Barn before we left to go home. 

Cruz was seriously happy the whole weekend, I'm not exaggerating!!  He loved being propped up on the pillows waiting patiently for us to pack up and leave.

Avila Barn is a cute little place with animals that you can feed, buy fresh produce, ride horses, and go on a hayride.

Landen says "Here you go! I think you're hungries. num num"

I LOVE Jacob's face...

The simultaneous "CHEESE" face

My three handsome cowboys

We went on the hayride while Ryan stayed back to feed Cruz.


This was the last trip of the summer for us.  It was a good one....(aside from all the poop).

I start back to work in a week and the boys start school! (pre-school slash childcare)

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