Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I have THREE 3-year olds

Today is Jacobs 2nd birthday!  Man, the years are just flying!  He seems to think so too since he thinks he skipped this year and is just as old as Vincent and Landen.  Jacob doesn't even look or act (for the most part) like a 2-year old.  He has a huge vocabulary already.  He thinks he knows the letters in the alphabet and his colors (but he doesn't really)  

He is cutting his 2 year molars. He actually started about a couple months ago.  Early. He was early for his birth, coming 3 days before the scheduled c-section so I guess he thinks he needs to be early for everything else!

He has the best giggle that is so contagious.  He is my snuggler.  He gives the best hugs and kisses. And when he gets hurt all he wants is a big bear hug to make him feel better.

Jacob is a big pest.  He likes to bug his older brothers.  Take their books or toys.  Smack them on the back as he walks by.  He can really dish it out.  And when the tables are turned and he's the one being picked on he can give the highest shrill of a scream. (we are working on that. trying to get a kid to stop screaming.  ugh.  this thing they call parenting is hard stuff!) BUT on the other hand he is the first to say I'm sorry.  Even if he didn't do anything wrong.

Jacob LOVES his younger brother Cruz.  He tries to hug and kiss him every chance he gets.  Whenever I am feeding him he always asks "hold him mom? hold him?"  If Cruz is in the bouncer I always find a blanket or burp rag thrown on top of him or a toy tossed on his legs. He is always making sure Cruz is okay and taken care of.

He is an adventurous little boy. And sooo unbelievably cute, he makes me smile just watching him explore.

Happy Birthday to the only blondie in the family! We love him so much.

We got together Sunday to celebrate him.  I cant really call it a party.  It was so low key and a lot of family members couldn't make it.  We aren't big on huge birthday parties anyway.  (And he's he even knows the difference between a big party and a small get together.)

Ryan BBQ'ed polish hotdogs and we had watermelon, chips and salsa.  My mother-in-law makes THE BEST SALSA!

I made cupcakes at Jacob's request.  And really, that's all that mattered to Vincent and Landen.  According to them the party started when it was cupcake time!

Cruz hung out in the jumparoo. He's still a little too young for it but in no time he will figure it out!

 Jacob got some moo-la for his b-day

He got some cool new clothes. (he is now wearing the same size as Landen)

And from Ryan and I and his brothers he got a new bike!! Now he can keep up with them!...his little tricycle wasn't cuttin' it. Jacob has to be just like his 3 year old brothers and if that means riding a big boy bike, then he will do it!

He's a happy 2 year old!!!

 I know he has a couple more gifts coming his way from some special people who were not able to be here to celebrate with him.  They were sorely missed!!

He is so blessed to have so much family that love him.

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