Monday, July 28, 2014


I've started my last week of maternity leave.  I know once this week is over, life is about ready to get really busy.  Even though I'm only going to be working part time it will still be much more active of a schedule than our care free days that have been this summer for us.  Here are a couple fun things we've been up to.

My friend Julie invited me to join her and my friend Vanessa to The Gardens (a nursery) in Tulare for a kids craft morning.  It was so fun! I think the boys loved it.  I only got one picture of the morning and Julie's kids aren't the picture! (I really need to get better at capturing more moments)

That is Levi's flower there in the bottom right.
They learned all about Sunflowers and got to create this little paper sunflower by gluing sunflower seeds. (my kids' first experience with glue I think) and then they got to plant some seeds to grow a flower.  I really hope I remember to keep them watered!

Tonight I had the boys help me make dinner.  Something I really don't do.  Especially with three, it can get really hectic.  But Vincent said something to me the other morning that stuck with me.  I was emptying the dishwasher and he must have recognized a large bowl that I was taking out and he said "mom, I baked, and and we make, make cookies with G.G"  He was remembering a couple months ago when my Grandma was helping me with the boys right after Cruz was born and she decided to have them help her make chocolate chip cookies.  I remember saying to my Grandma something like "are you sure?!....good luck!" haha.  But it seemed to leave such a lasting impression on Vincent.  

***warning...Ryan was taking the pictures and a lot of them turned out blurry. I guess I need to teach him how to use my camera.  It was nice of him to take the pictures for me though so I'm grateful I have them even though some are blurry***

I was making calazones for dinner and when I asked if they wanted to help make dinner they were soooo excited.  Vincent said "Ya mom!! I be a chef! I will help you, let me go get a chair"

First we pressed out the dough

Then we "painted" the sauce on

Then we "piled" on the cheese

So much piling that I had to take a bunch off and put it back in the bag!

Then it was pepperoni time.  Jacob was in charge of handing Vincent and Landen the pepperoni.

He also thought he was in charge of eating it too

I folded the calazones and sealed them and then I had Jacob help "paint" on some olive oil and sprinkle some garlic powder on top.

They turned out looking so yummy! They weren't the neatest calazones I have ever made but having my boys help was so much fun.

*Unfortunately they are not weight watcher friendly so I didn't get to enjoy them*

I'm looking forward to hearing the boys talk about helping me in the kitchen and finding more opportunities to include them like I we did tonight.

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