Sunday, June 22, 2014

Owwie Eyes

I mentioned a few months ago that at Vincent and Landen's 3 year check up they screened the boys' eyes with a new little machine.  Landen's screen showed that he was farsighted.  The pediatrician referred me to a pediatric optomotrist and was pretty confident he would need glasses.

At the eye doctor appointment Landen was being a typical 3 year old. He would not sit still and was looking every where else than where he was supposed to be looking! Miraculously the eye doctor was able to figure out his prescription.  She was so sweet and so patient with him.  He will need to wear glasses all day, taking them off only to swim and to sleep.  Since the pediatrician had warned me already that his eye sight was pretty bad I went in expecting this type of news.  I figure there are far worse things than needing glasses.  So this will be the new norm. ok. we can do this.

The stylist there was so so helpful. (I think that's what they are know the ladies that help you pick out glasses).  She recommended these bendable all plastic frames.  And to be honest when she showed them to me, my first thought was UGLY! They looked hideous.  But after thinking about how active my Landen is, I agreed with her, those were the kind he needed.  The almost indestructible kind. But I also wanted a wire framed pair for nicer occasions like church, family gatherings and pictures.  

The day we went to pick up Landen's glasses Vincent comes up to me with tears welling up in his eyes and he says to me with a quivering bottom lip "what about me mom? what about me?"  I had to explain to him that Landen had owwie eyes and that's why he needed glasses but that Vincent's eyes were not owwie so he doesn't need them.  I mean how do you make glasses sound super cool to one kid but to the other kid you try and tell him that glasses aren't really something you want.

These are the all plastic frame glasses.  What I once thought were ugly, look pretty darn cute on this kid! 

They came with a strap snapped to the back.

Even after we had seen the eye doctor and ordered his glasses I was still in denial that he really needed them.  I could read him a book and ask him to point at things and he would find them just fine.  It wasn't like he was running into things because he couldn't see them either.  (although he is my most accident prone kid)  BUT once he put on his glasses for the first time, he looked around the doctor's office in awe.  Like he was seeing things, like really seeing things for the first time.  My eyes teared up just watching him.  I was so happy for my baby, so so happy for him. And I was kind of sad too that he hadn't been seeing 20/20 for the first 3 years of his life, poor kid! 

The first day he had them he asked to take them off a couple of times but after that, he was the one reminding me to put his glasses on him. I think he was really noticing that he could see better with them on.

Vincent wanted to be just like Landen with his glasses so he sported a pair of sunglasses for awhile.

I was so worried that the glasses would be a constant battle to have him wear.  But Landen doesn't mind wearing them and he rarely messes with them.  Although they NEVER stay clean.  How he can see out of them half the time is beyond me with all the smudge marks.  And his eyelashes are so long that they are smashed by the lenses but that doesn't seem to bother him either.

(this movie that they are watching is Despicable Me.  They are OBSESSED with the Despicable Me movies both 1 and 2.  I have to admit they are funny movies so I don't mind them being on.  And the boys do a pretty good impression of a purple minion.  If you don't know what I'm talking about you you should watch Despicable Me 2)

These are Landen's wire framed glasses.  So far he only wears these to church.  They are a little wide for his face but he will grow into them.

It will be fun to look back on his childhood and see all of the different pairs of glasses he has.  For now he sees great with these two pairs.


  1. Landen looks ADORABLE with them!!!

    1. Thanks Leslie :) It took a bit to get used to but now it's how Landen normally looks and to see him without glasses looks wrong.